Two quick things

Got some stuff I’m working on that I want to get done today, and that’s before a big meeting I have this afternoon.  But…

1) I thought I’d be remiss if I didn’t point out the coincidence that I’d noticed, that this is the 2nd anniversary of the posting of my “How to Ask A Girl Out” series.  Two years later I am still getting a lot of hits on that one – particularly via Google searches for “I asked a girl out she said no.”

Fellas – Trust me on two things.  First, “No” is not always a bad answer.  And second, it gets better.  Definitely.  Just keep your head up.

2)  Jonny Lang is playing in town again.  Guess what that means?


5 Responses

  1. #1 – I’m sure there is a pingback and all, but IMO, you should amend (or at least comment) there to include what you’ve written here.

    Good plan.

    And actually, if you haven’t already, you should include in that story a mini-telling of how we ended up together – sometimes the girl finds you (and is carrying a frying pan).

    No, actually, at one point in time I joked that we should do a “how I met your mother” sort of thing (although I don’t remember if it was in a post, a comment, or an email – I’m thinking maybe to Laura?) but I/we have never done so. Yet.

    #2 – It means we’re broke-er and that Dys is going to cry from joy and awe at a concert again soon.

    The latter is worth the former.


    I just looked, and the closest dates on the calendar to you are Anaheim and Houston. 😦 That sucks!

    But since it’s in Houston, I should heads-up ol’ Vix

  3. Count me in as one of the jealous ones.

    As you should be!

    Aaaand, I’ll be singing Blue on Black the rest of the day.

    Kenny Wayne Shepherd will be very happy to hear that. *poke* 😀

    • :: snort :: that misconception was my fault, so poke me.

      Uh… wait, that didn’t come out right…

      As you said to me a few days back, “I will take that comment in the manner in which it was intended.” 😀

  4. Not a problem. No offense but most guys still don’t know how to pick up a girl and vice versa. I know I have a hard time asking out guys under the guise of it won’t work BECAUSE I pursued them and not the other way around. I think that’s crap but whatever!

    God knows I have no idea how to pick up women. My wife and I had a long conversation more or less about this point last night and while I think I’m much better than I would have been as a kid, let’s face it, I’m still a clueless neophyte. I’m so not a playa that I’m lucky I know how the field is shaped. 😀

    I have an old post on gals picking up guys, too, in case you didn’t see that one!

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