Radio Show Tonight!

Gee, has it been a month already?

It feels weird, really, since my mind is still in full-on MotoGP mode right about now, but yes, it’s time for another edition of Ye Olde Radio Show!

The big button above (or this link) will take you to my radio show profile page.  The show will go live at 10pm Eastern time tonight.   Click on the big-ass button above or click the link to stop by and listen in! At 10pm, a “Click to Listen” button will appear on my profile page there and you can click that to stream the show live.  Or, for the adventurous, you can call in and talk to me on the air. The call-in number is:

(646) 915-8720

That being a New York phone number (and definitively not mine), long distance charges may apply. However, there should be a “click to talk” button, which should in theory allow anyone with a microphone connected to their computer to click the button and talk to me directly over VOIP free of charge.  I think that’s how one of my callers did it once, so that seems to be working A-OK.  I can have up to 5 callers on the line at one time.  I’ve never had it cap out, but hey, that’s a good potential problem to have, huh?

As an aside, in the interest of full disclosure, anyone who calls in will have their phone number pop up on my little host switchboard.  (The Click-to-Talk people pop up as calling in from 000-000-0000 if memory serves.)  I swear on my honor as a Virginian, I have never written down or otherwise saved the phone number of anyone who’s called my show, and have no intention of doing so.   I figure anybody who wants me to have their phone number knows my email address and can give it to me explicitly.  But I wanted to be completely above board with this, just on the off chance that somebody wasn’t entirely comfortable with the idea that I might see their number.  End aside.

When 10 rolls around, the chick with the snooty British accent will say “BlogTalkRadio!” and then yours truly will be drawlin’ on the airwaves.  Like last time, I’ll also open a chat room window for those who are interested – but I’m not sure how much attention I’ll be paying to it.  My guess is that the more folks I have on the line, the less time I’ll be watching the chat window.  But I am just winging this whole thing, after all, so whatever.

As a side note, the show is scheduled for an hour. That means that, as I understand it, when 11:00 rolls around, the “Click to Listen” button goes away, the listening window goes dead, and nobody else can call in.  However, anybody already on the phone will still be good to go – and the show will keep recording until I hang up.  Even though nobody can listen live, it’s still being recorded for the archives. In other words, if we’re having fun, the show can run long.  I’ll have a Coke with dinner to help make sure I’m awake for it.

The tentative topic for tonight’s show is Stuff I Wish I’d Known When I Was 15. We don’t have to stick to that, and anybody that calls in gets the chance to help determine the direction of the conversation, so let that be a mini-bribe.  If I don’t have anybody with whom to bounce stuff around, I’ll probably exhaust that topic in about 15 minutes and end up gushing about motorcycles for the remaining 45.  So, you know, in case the bribes don’t work, there’s a threat.

It’s important to add that if there are any problems with the show, check here for updates.  I once had a significant problem getting through on the phone lines to my own show, and I didn’t start until 10 minutes late.  If anything like that happens, I’ll post up here.

Hope to hear from some of you tonight!


4 Responses

  1. I wonder if I should bow out of going to watch the game and say I’m a Very Special Guest on the radio show?

    Well, I dunno about should, but you could suddenly become a Very Special Guest. Hell, if the wrong conversational corners are turned it could even turn out to be a Very Special Episode. Like Nancy Reagan on Diff’rent Strokes.

  2. I will check in if I get out before 11pm…

    Rock on, man.

  3. I’ll be there with bells on! And nothing else.. ~wink~

    Ooh hoo hoo!! Too bad Howard Stern already did that “first nekkid lady on the radio” thing years ago.

  4. […] get my laptop set up on the desk in the bedroom, write for a couple of hours, then call into Taoist Biker’s Radio Show. Which will involve more yacking, after which I shall watch the DVR’ed episodes of Warehouse […]

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