MotoGP at Indy: The hangover

I know, no update yet so weird to be posting about the after-effects, but I’m afraid I’ll forget to blog this…

One thing I’ve never read or been told about motorcycle racing from those who’d been there before me:

For days afterward, starting the evening after the first practice, every time I close my eyes I hear those bikes.  I hear them all night in my sleep.  250s down the front stretch, GP bikes braking for turn 1 and accelerating out of turn 6.  That gut-churning, primal scream of horsepower – the sound follows me around for days.  It was true last year, and it’s still true this year.  And it’s not just me; Dys reports the same thing.

I’ve already renewed our exact same tickets for next year.


3 Responses

  1. Aw. That’s sort of sweet.

    It’s 90% sweet, but admittedly, 10% annoying. It’s not even by choice. I lay half-awake Saturday night trying to think of anything BUT that sound and couldn’t get it to shut up!

    Dys said she dreamed of GP riders last night, and she didn’t even mean in a PG-13 way. (At least not that she admitted to me…)

  2. I’m still internet deprived at home and slammed with work at work, but I can’t wait to catch up on your posts and look at all the pictures!

    If/when you have the chance, I heartily recommend doing what I did this afternoon when I was looking for the highlights to send my coworkers – go to the Flickr set, and right-click on the “View as slide show” to open that in another window/tab. That way you can click through them quickly, but if you see something you really like, you can go back to the main set window and view the “original” size.

    I can’t WAIT to see Dys’s pictures.

  3. […] MotoGP at Indy: The hangover […]

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