Monday Music

HOLY CRAP am I tired.

We got back from Indy about 7:30 last night – not bad, having been standing at the top of the stands just after 4pm! – and found a frickin’ tent in our living room.  Boy had convinced the in-laws, it seems.  Heh.  At least it’s a purchase I’d been thinking to make myself.  Maybe a camping weekend for me and Boy is in order.  We’ll see.

I’ve got a shit-ton of photos uploaded to Flickr, (not even counting the 21 rolls of 35mm Dys shot that we’ve yet to get developed – she’s supposed to be trying today if she gets a chance) and I’m going to have to sift through them carefully to find some highlights, but they’ll be coming later this week, much to the consternation of a great portion of you methinks.  If so, just smile through it, it’ll be over soon.  Just think – my wife has to live with me like this.

Anyway, for some reason I was thinking of this song this morning, so here we go.

Led Zeppelin, “For Your Life”

I’ll be catching up on your blogs slowly over the next day or three.  Now let’s see if I can make it through the day without caffeine – yoicks, am I bushed!


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  1. […] think I mentioned recently that while we were off gallavanting around IMS my in-laws bought Boy a tent.  It’s a purchase I’d been contemplating myself, actually, […]

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