Kinda Cool News!

Several months ago, Dys and I were discussing our broke-assedness and anniversary gifts, and we decided to gift each other with a Flickr Pro account.  Only we waited until we could afford it.  Kinda.

In other words, we knew that we were about to leave for the GP, and we’d have tons of photos we wanted to upload, so it was now or never.

You’ll notice I’ve changed my Flickr account info in the sidebar – it now points to a different account, one we both share:  Untamed Serenity.

(First, about the name:  Well, it’s the name of one of our Rock Band bands, and of all of them, it’s my favorite.  We were brainstorming for new band names one evening and I said, “Wild Peace?  No, that sucks, but I really like the idea.  Hey wait!  I got it!!”)

Yes, the photos in the widget over there to the right are old ones from last year’s GP, because I uploaded a few from the office yesterday, but if you click “More Photos” you’ll be able to see a lot of our favorite photos that we’ve been wishing we could share with you over the past year but haven’t had the room to do so!

And of course, I can’t just say that without posting a few of my favorites…

Here’s a few from the Opeth show I went to last October (and that I still haven’t blogged about in detail…I suck) when I was sick as a dog.  I was sitting a long way from the stage to conserve my energy, instead of being down in the thick of things.  The low light and zoom ended up making things blur out…but in ways that I, personally, thought were pretty damned cool in a trippy sort of way.

Our trip to Churchill Downs with my parents on a gorgeous Sunday afternoon last May, the day after the Preakness.  (Dys took almost all of these; and a great job she did.)

And finally, this one is for Kim.  Hey Kee-yim!  Look kinda familiar?

Keep your eyes peeled on that right-sidebar widget over the weekend, folks – it should be a-blowin’ up!


4 Responses

  1. Yay! Horsies!


    Purdy ones they were, too.

  2. WooHoo! Good stuff! I love abusing my Flickr account. 😀

    Damn skippy. We paid for it; flog it!

  3. Awesome!

    Happy Anniversary!

    The anniversary was back in May, actually, but I’ll take the good wishes anyway. 🙂

  4. Congrats on your Flickr upgrade! I really like the picture of the horses racing with the woman’s hands in the air.

    When I attended UK, I lived a mile from Keeneland and never went to a single race. Kicking myself now.

    I’ll pass along your compliments to Dys, the photographer. 🙂

    We’ve lived within driving distance of the Downs for some time and never made it out – this was a fun time, so we’ll probably do it again from time to time. I just don’t expect it to be a regular thing.

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