Monday Music

Where the hell did all these damned people come from?!?!?

Oh.  Right.  First day of classes.  After the summer, sometimes you forget.  Anyway…

It’s almost racin’ time, folks! Woohoo!!  (I’m vaguely excited.)  So what do I need to do?  I know!  Psych myself up even more!

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, “Punk Song” (aka “Whatever Happened To My Rock & Roll”)

(Edit:  Video was briefly broken.  It should be fixed now!)

At the end of Ewan McGregor’s narration, hearing Valentino Rossi say “Aahhh…fuck!,” Loris Capirossi saying “Ya, ya, 200mph.  Pretty good, yah?” and Eddie Lawson saying, “Kill everybody!” you’ll get a pretty badass song set to some pretty badass footage.

My favorite bits are still Garry McCoy smoking the rear of the old Red Bull Yamaha and lifting it into a power wheelie as it gains traction at 2:46, and of course good old Mick Doohan at 2:39.  You can just see that thought bubble over his head there.  “I got it IgotitIgotit…oh, fuck.”

Get the gloves on, boys, we’re goin’ racin’!


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  1. I love Black Rebel Motorcycle Club!!! YAY!!

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