MotoGP Scorecard

For those keeping score at home (and I think I’m the only one)…

In my 2009 MotoGP Season Preview I called over/under on wins for all of the riders.

With 11 of the 17 races in the bag, I’m actually doing pretty damned good, with one OBVIOUS exception.  (What is up with Casey Stoner and his mystery illness, anyway?  That’s the multi-million dollar question in GP racing right about now.)

So, thus far, here’s the breakdown.

Championship Position at this point:  Rider:  My predicted odds of winning the championship/actual wins  (My predicted O/U on wins)

1:  Valentino Rossi, Fiat Yamaha 5:2 odds / 5 wins (O/U 8 )

2:  Jorge Lorenzo, Fiat Yamaha 8:1 odds / 2 wins (O/U 2.5)

3:  Casey Stoner, Ducati Marlboro 3:2  odds / 2 wins (O/U 7)

4:  Dani Pedrosa, Repsol Honda 7:1 odds  /  2 wins (O/U 3)


Others with wins or predicted O/U wins:

Andrea Dovizioso 1 win, O/U 1

Chris Vermeulen, 0 wins, O/U 1.5 (Vermeulen typically rides well in the rain; he’s sucked it up this year, rain or shine)

Nicky Hayden, o wins, O/U 1.5 (Hayden’s still struggling with the Ducati, as is everyone not named Stoner.

We’re still hoping for great things from Nicky next week at his home track of Indianapolis; and we’re a little bummed that we won’t get to see Opie in action again.  On to Indy!


2 Responses

  1. I’m rooting for Rossi, myself…

    Rossi for the championship, of course. For individual races, Rossi, Hayden, and Edwards, in any order. I’m not picky. 😀

  2. Poor old Casey, must be shit for him, the poor bloke! Lorenzo has been awesome, but, of course, am still hoping Rossi cleans up. Dear god, how I love that man!!

    Yeah, you made it all the way through a comment without saying you wanted to have his babies – I think that’s a first for ya! 😀

    I’m glad you stopped by; I’d been thinking I’d email you sometime this week as I started doing my “OMG I’m going to INDY!” posts.

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