RIP Les Paul (1915-2009)

Aw, damn.  I missed this news yesterday.  Good thing, because I was having a good day and this would have just depressed the hell out of me.

Yesterday we lost a guitarist extraordinaire, music production maestro, and a pioneer of the solid-body electric.  And by all accounts an all-around great guy.

Rest in peace, Les Paul, with the knowledge that your influence will be irresistable for at least another 94 years.


4 Responses

  1. Yeah, I was bummed. I didn’t even make a sick joke about it. Yeah, that’s bummed.

    Wow. I’m speechless here.

  2. I knew when I came to bed, and it sure as hell wasn’t the time to tell you.

    Could there be any better legacy than the beautiful instruments that are more than prized possessions but actually a part of their owners, all over the world? What a wonderful piece of joy he created. I hope he understood how thankful people truly are for it.

    I think he did, which is pretty awesome.

  3. Well, he was ninety-freakin’-four. That’s what BF and I said to each other last evening. It’s not like he died young, or even semi-old. 94 is about all you can ask from a legend.

    And he was still jamming onstage last year! If only we could all be respected innovators in our chosen fields and active in them for eighty years, huh?

  4. Imagine all the things he’s seen in those 94 years. never mind all he’s accomplished, he’s watched the world change. He’s lived through cultural revolutions in our country and in the world. He got to see it all with his own two eyes.

    I often wonder about that. People that lived from 1900 to 2000 saw us go from horse-drawn coaches and telegraphs to space shuttles and the internet. It’s stunning when you really think about it.

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