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More Boy Wisdom

Boy joined me in the office for a few hours this morning while Dys had an errand to run.  I actually pondered offering him the opportunity to type something into Word that I’d surreptitiously post later, but I didn’t.  Why?  Because the boy actually sat down and did some of his summer school assignment.

Hey, being threatened with losing this weekend’s family trip unless he made some progress on it (and, even more importantly, quit his bitching about it) apparently worked wonders.

But the real gem came from this morning.

For all his life I’ve basically been the one to wake Boy up every morning for school.  But he’s entering fourth grade this year, and I figured it’s time he learn a little self-reliance.  (And I figure the lesson will take better if it’s learned earlier.)  So I took his clock-radio (radio completely unused, of course) from his dresser and moved it to the top rail of his bunk bed, and explaining that he was old enough to start getting himself up in the morning, I set his alarm for 7:00 am.  (We may have to adjust that a bit depending on the bus schedule, which we’ll learn tonight.  In the meantime, can I get a FUCK YEAH for buses, as opposed to driving him 25 minutes across town and 25 minutes back to work every morning?  Hallelujah!)

Since he was coming in with me this morning, we had to get up a bit earlier, so I woke him up again today.  But unbeknownst to me, he’d turned his alarm back on the night before anyway.  So, at 7, we heard it blaring from his open room, and I went to shut it off.

A few minutes later, he said to Dys and I:  “I think my clock was made in another state.”

We exchanged a brief look, and before I could say the word ‘Taiwan’ he continued:

“It plays country music all the time.  And they say ‘ain’t’ but we say ‘isn’t.’  But they say ‘ain’t’ in [Midwestern state where Dys’s parents live] and Virginia.  You know, Grandpa says ‘ain’t’ and Granny and Granddaddy say ‘ain’t.’  So I think it was made in either [Midwestern state] or Virginia.  Probably [Midwestern state.]”

What can you say to that?  I explained that we could, in fact, change the station on his radio and I would happily do so for him, but he said it wasn’t necessary.  But more than that, uh, hasn’t he listened to me talk pretty much every day of his life?



4 Responses

  1. You must say “ain’t” a lot less frequently than you think you do.

    Possibly so.

    How totally charming that because of what came out of it, he thought it had to be from somewhere. The connections he made make total sense, but the perspective that creates them is delightful.

    Yep, it was pretty cool. It makes you hate to say that it was mass-produced by people who likely don’t know a thing about country music.

  2. Good thing none of your Siberian death metal polka was playing. I’m sure he doesn’t know anyone from there!

    I love the logic.

    Heheh, yeah, he would have thought I built it myself then, huh?

  3. Good for you to teach him a little self-reliance. Hopefully this will enable you to avoid having to kick him out of bed when he gets older and more stubborn (and stays up later).

    Oh, and buses…I learned way too much that I should never have learned on buses. LOL!

    Yeah, same here on that last one!

  4. maybe to him you have that voice that the teacher has in the charlie brown cartoon, so nothing that you say registers: “maw maw maw maw-maw maw maw…”:…..;-)

    You know, you’re so probably right that it scares me.

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