Another survival

Hey, made it all the way through another radio show without embarrassing myself.  (Much.)

Many thanks to Crisitunity who pushed pause on her movie of the evening in order to call in and give me somebody to talk to.  We ended up having a great time talking about fishing, gaming, college life, gaming, online/blog life and social skills, and gaming.  And a little bit of gaming, too.

Missed the show live?  Catch the reruns here!  Make fun of us behind our backs from the comfort of your living room!

It’s looking like a busy day doing a little more disaster recovery stuff but hopefully a restful weekend will await after that.  After a little concert tonight, at least.  Woo!

Everybody have a great weekend!


5 Responses

  1. It was lots of fun! Even if they do laugh at us. Thanks for hosting!

    My pleasure!

  2. I don’t really appreciate the evil forces that seem to be keeping me from the radio shows, but I’m getting pretty darn sick of it.
    Did I tell you our computer died with the fatal Blue Screen of Death the other day? Yeah. We’ve been wanting to buy a laptop for awhile anyway but now it looks like we’re going to have to try and do some creative accounting so we can get one very soon.
    I’m thankful for the ability to get to listen to the shows after the fact!

    Little did I know that I can cause the BSoD at such a distance. I will endeavor to use this power for good.

  3. Aw man! I missed it!!

  4. I was walking on stage as you guys were wrapping it up…maybe next time, I can get on between 10-11 pm and set my phone down on the table for you to listen.

    Not a bad idea! At some point I’ll also probably switch it over to a Wednesday for those folks who have Thursday conflicts. I almost did it this time but Thursday was better for Dys.

  5. Sorry I missed it! I had a good excuse, though…

    2-wheeled excuses are always good around this blog!

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