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Quick Hits

It’s Friday, muhfuggas, and looking like an awesome weekend!


First and foremost, the show last night was awesome!  Sorry so many of you had to miss it because of dumb things like BF’s in the military calling home or sick spouses and stuff.  But hey, we had a great time anyway.  MTAE and Laura called in and we had a great time talking about…uh, what the hell did we NOT talk about?  (Mostly booze, actually.  But lots of other stuff.)

Seriously, that hour just flew by, so thanks a ton to those two for keeping me entertained.  We will definitely do this again, and a lot sooner than 6 months this time, I sw’ars it!

Of course, the whole embedded player code thing didn’t work worth a shit, so for those who missed it, here’s a link to hop over and listen at your leisure.



A brief moment to express some outrage:  I hadn’t heard of this at the time, but just read about it while catching up on my weekly Killboy and hitting the spot at which, weekly, Darryl posts up the photos of jackasses crossing the double yellow on one of the curviest mountain roads in America.  (And this week, a jackass actually had the gall to try to say yeah, he did it on purpose, big deal.)

Anyway, this is the kind of thing that burns my ass.  Big time.

Charges Expected Against Manicured Driver In Fatal Crash

Anita Zaffke, of Lake Zurich, was wearing a helmet when she was hit from behind by a Chevy Impala at a stop light Saturday evening at Route 12 and Old McHenry Road, the Chicago Tribune reported.

“It appears to be a tragic accident and it appears (Zaffke) did nothing wrong,” Lake County Sheriff’s Office Sgt. Scott Morrison said. “She was just in the wrong place at the wrong time and she could not have done anything to avoid it.”

Her son, Greg, told the Tribune that his mother was wearing a bright yellow biker’s jacket.

Zaffke was thrown “a couple of hundred feet” by the impact, the Lake County Coroner said.

The driver of the Impala, Lora Hunt, 48, of Morris, told police she was painting her fingernails as she approached the red light at that corner, and she apparently didn’t see the motorcycle.

“She conceded to us that she was not paying attention, did not see the motorcycle in front of her, stopped, really was oblivious to what was transpiring around her,” said Lake County Sheriff Mark Curran.

The fuck, people?!?!?!  Damn!!!


Now, back to a lighter note, when was the last time I really pimped Killboy?  This is just a guy with a camera who ended up making a living by camping out near said curvy mountain road, taking pictures of all the motorcycles and sports cars driving by, and offering them for sale.  Say you were out riding your bike that weekend – now you can have an awesome, high-quality photo of you riding!

Like, say, this one.

Or this one.

Compare that to yours truly – I have exactly one photo of me on my bike, in motion, and it’s Dys catching me pulling out of the driveway.  Hardly interesting.

Anyway, Darryl lives in the gorgeous mountains near the NC/TN line, takes great photos of beautiful bikes and cars and people having fun, and posts weekly highlights sprinkled with some humor.  I’ve made a weekly visit to his site for probably five or six years now, and hope to keep doing so.  Y’all stop on by and check ’em out.  And if you ever ride the Dragon, make sure to look him up!

(Darryl, if you’re reading this, maybe we’ll see you this year in Indy!)


Thanks to me lovely wife, I now have a link to a video that I saw ages ago, fucking loved, and then haven’t seen since then despite tons of looking.  Crisitunity, you’ve probably seen this already, but if not holy hell are you gonna love it.

Adult Swim:  Death Star Phone Call


And finally, because I just got the IM from Dys…


We got our tickets for the 2009 Indianapolis MotoGP race!

Last year, you’ll remember (and for those who don’t, here’s the link to my sum-up post on the whole experience), we had awesome frickin’ seats right at the exit from pit lane/entrance to turn one.  Awesome…except one of them was right behind a frickin’ girder.

When we renewed our tickets immediately after the race, I called someone at Indianapolis Motor Speedway and asked what I should do.  She explained that I should say that there was an obstruction there and request an upgrade.

So I did so…making perfectly clear that I really REALLY liked our seats, except for the girder.  Ideally, we’d like to be just a few seats down in the same exact row.  But we’d rather keep our seats than give up that front-row penthouse view, because it was Teh Awesum.

Our seats this year?  Same penthouse, same section, same row, just the two seats right next to the aisle.  Given any seats in the place (well, other than the $500 Gasoline Alley tickets overlooking the pits), this is exactly what we would have picked.

Perfection.  I am now, officially, fucking psyched to go to Indy next month!!  Woohoo!!!!


11 Responses

  1. We talked about p0rn. And comedy. And a little bit about fitness and working out. And exploding sewers.

    Woohoo for exploding sewers!

    Jesus. H. Christ. PAINTING HER NAILS?!? It’s those kind of asstards that make me nervous every time Calvin goes out on his bike.

    Damn skippy.

    Woot for MotoGP ticks! Is Killboy on the Blue Ridge Pkwy, by chance?

    Close by, but a bit farther west. He’s on US Route 129, which crosses the border between Tennessee and North Carolina through Deals Gap. 318 curves in 11 miles with no intersecting roads. Here’s the Wikipedia entry (which has more links).

  2. Also, I am SO NOT LISTENING to the recording. I’m afraid I blathered on and sounded like an idiot.

    No more than the rest of us, I assure you. I think the definition of “blathering like an idiot” was my attempt at a monologue before you two called in.

  3. In between puke sessions, Brian kept telling me to go listen to the show. He was happy when I told him I can still hear it without the sounds of vom in the background.

    Yeah, much better! And I totally forgot to call you out anyway. 😀

    The story about the woman getting hit really, really pissed me off. Especially since I just had a truck almost plow into me in the Hellmart parking lot – he was flying through the wrong way (sideways) going really fucking fast and had to slam on his brakes in order to not hit me (driver’s side of course). Damn asshole drivers.

    You get the feeling these people are just generally assholes anyway – they’re just less afraid to show it when they’re in their car.

  4. Actually, I have to admit that I’m nervous about our view of the curves coming off the straight, being all the way at the other end of the row. We’ll have the shots of the riders coming through the straight a little longer than we did, so that’s good, but I really will miss being able to see the whole S after turn 1.

    And now more people will notice when I fall asleep on the railing. Not that I care, just sayin’.

    Actually, we couldn’t see that WHOLE S anyway – the apex of 2 was blocked by the Red Bull tent there by Ducati Island. I really don’t think that moving down 12 feet will change the view all that much. We might lose a tad more of turn 2, but that’s all. And hey, maybe we can pick them up on the other side of the track a little straighter-on coming through 6…

    And it sure as hell will be nicer to go to the bathroom! Especially since we’ll probably be spending more time in the stands this year, being late August instead of mid September…

  5. You should listen, Laura. It was very entertaining. I wrote some crap while listening to it in TB’s comments somewhere. I loved how y’all segued from diet to booze lightening fast. You, personally, were very funny. The three of you played well off and with each other. I must admit to also finding the sewer story a riot. It was an enjoyable listen.

    Although TB feels he was blathering before being saved by you and Steve I thought he did a great cold opening, I, of course, wouldn’t tell him that (things like that go right to that boys head!), but I could see him getting his bearings.

    I’ve often had a drink before the show, which helps the cold open…this time I was not only opening cold, but cold sober as well!

  6. I think you worry about making sure you aren’t talking over each other. I heard a bit of the “blathering” online while i was dailing in on the phone, but I really didn’t hear too much of it. I’ll have to listen to it…

    Yeah, trying not to talk over each other was definitely on my mind, and I could tell you guys were having the same thoughts.

  7. If I’m on the bike, I have gotten in the habit of watching the car behind me via the rear-view mirror when I am stopped at a red light for this exact reason! I’m in gear until that car comes to a slow halt, just in case I need to get out of the way.
    I read of another guy who’s 2005 Goldwing got crunched between two cars with him on it.He didn’t have much damage, but it totaled his bike. He really ahd no where to go. Hence another rule, always leave a fair amount of space bwetween you and the car ahead of you at a stop light.
    Yes, it’s ridickolus to have to think of these things all because people do everything but drive their cars….

    You’re right, Scooter, I was always taught to have the bike in gear, clutch in, and pointed toward the space between cars in front of you or wherever there’s an escape lane…watching the rearview like a hawk until at least two cars have come to a complete stop behind me.

    I think I heard that same story about the Gold Wing – good thing those bikes are both really huge and really solidly constructed front-to-back, huh?

  8. I listened to about half the show – you guys were awesome!

    Did you listen to the half where we talked about porn? I’m just curious if that would make you think we were awesomer. 😀

  9. Darryl is REALLY SMART. What a terrific idea. Like the rollercoaster pictures except better.

    I will watch that clip just as soon as I can.

    They really are some cool pics. And yes, definitely watch the clip when you can! BF will probably love it as well.

    • You were right, it was funny. I left it open for BF to watch when he gets home tonight.

      I’m betting he’ll dig it as well!

  10. […] Posted on July 23, 2009 by Taoist Biker So, I had enough fun doing the radio show last week that I’m definitely resolved to do it again, and sooner than six months from now like LAST […]

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