We Want the Airwaves

Well, folks, the radio show is ON.  Mark your calendars!

Thursday night, July 16, 2009
10pm Eastern / 7pm Pacific

As was requested last time, this time I set the segment length from 30 minutes to an hour.  If we’re bored and/or tired, we can always end early.  If we’re having fun, though, why not have MORE fun, eh?

Dys has actually recently bought a new headset for our phones, so that should make things easier for all involved.  I can also have up to four (or is it five?  It’s a little confusing) callers on the line with me as we go, so I heartily encourage folks to call in.  Last time it seemed like the more we got going the more fun we were having!

I’ll post more details next week, but for now just keep your planners clear!


5 Responses

  1. Cool. I hope I can make it this time.

    That would rock!

  2. I forgot about the limits of callers…I will work out the internet delay by then maybe…

    I doubt it’ll be an issue, honestly. I think the most we had on last time was four, counting me?

  3. […] by Laura on July 9, 2009 !!!BEGIN PIMP ALERT!!! Taoist Biker is hosting another radio show on Thursday July 16th. Call in! Participate! It’ll make you 73% smarter and 127% better […]

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