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The DC Trade

Okay, my fellow Deadliest Catch fans (and I know there are several of you).

Did you watch “After the Catch” last night?  Who else thinks that the three-way trade…Jake Harris to the Northwestern, Josh Harris to the Time Bandit, and Jake Anderson and Scotty Hillstrand to the Cornelia Marie for a year…makes absolutely perfect sense?

All them young’uns could use some seasoning, and a new environment and a new skipper would probably do wonders for that.  Take ’em out of their comfort zone and possibly teach ’em a little humility while we’re at it?  Bonus.

(IMHO, Josh Harris would be getting the better end of the deal.  But the way Johnathan quick-pointed and said “We’ll take him!!” makes you think that it’s generally believed that he’s the least pain in the ass of the four.)


6 Responses

  1. My wife has fallen in love with this show and we have been catching up with seasons past while still watching this one…we are one week behind still and I just started TiVo’ing the “After the Catch” shows too…I didn’t see them until last week.

    Trading…this is funny. “I’ll take Edgar and 20 pots for an engineer and a deckhand to be named later…”

    Hah! I like it.

  2. Josh to the Time Bandit = prankster training. 😉

    I would pay actual money to see Jake Harris working for Sig.

    Good point – Josh wasn’t there when they welded the pipe onto Sig’s line, was he?

    Jake Harris + Sig and Edgar? Ooh.

  3. HOLY SHIT!!!!
    We taped it last night and will watch it tonight – next year should be VEDDY INTERESTING!!!

    Personally I’d want to be on the Hillstrand’s boat, if only to watch them do the fish dance.

    Seems like I blew the surprise for everybody! Sorry ’bout that.

    Johnathan has the funniest crazy-old-man laugh ever.

    • I’d want to hang with Sig or Captain Phil as far as captains go, but REALLY I’d just like to be where Crosby Leveen is. 😀

      Admittedly, Crosby is not only a good-lookin’ guy, but is like the only greenhorn I’ve ever seen on the show who kept his mouth shut, did his job, and ended up as a regular hand. Crosby gets huge respect from me.

      • Oh yeah – Crosby is the DC hottie in my book!

        (unmarried and most likely undivorced hottie at least – hard to beat Edgar in the married department, even if he does bite heads off fish…)

        Don’t forget that he spends the first few days of every trip puking his guts out. That probably makes biting fish heads seem less vile in comparison.

        You just think it’s hot when they say “There’s the right way, the wrong way, and the Norwegian way.” 😀

  4. Apparently in my haste to post before I spent the day doing more out-of-office work I forgot to mention that this was a PROPOSED trade, raised as a potential idea by the captains around the After the Catch table, and not a done deal. Not yet, at least.

    Josh was at the table and he seemed to have no real problem with it. And if the captains decide that’s what’s happening, what choice do they have?

    “Uh, Jake, I’m not hiring you for this season. But Sig has an open spot on his boat. Take it or sit home and miss out on $30k or so.” Right.

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