Party Time

Screw it.  I’ve been thinking idly about it for a while, I just haven’t really come up with a good topic.

I’m tired of waiting.  It’s time for another radio show.

I’m thinking next week, Wednesday or Thursday, 10pm Eastern/7pm Pacific-ish.  I’m somewhat flexible.  Are there times/days that don’t work for some folks that would really love to tune in?  Or, especially, call in?

My guess is that the show will take on an NBAI-ish direction (and I’ll be reposting this notice there), since so many of us are attempting fitness kicks nowadays, but we’re certainly not limited to that.  Hell, it’s me.  Topics, schmopics; I need no steenkeeng segue!

Anybody interested?


5 Responses

  1. […] Bad; We’re Nationwide As I just said over in my own little corner, I’m tired of waiting.  I’m down for another radio […]

  2. I’m interested. 10 PM is a little late for me, but I’ll deal.

    Honestly it’s pushing it for me as well, but it was suggested by a friend long ago when I was first contemplating the show, specifically because most phone plans switch to “evening” minutes by 7pm, and so 10 pm Eastern would allow for the fairly cheap calling for the whole US.

  3. My voice should be back by then! 😉


  4. Like I said, I’m a shy one, but I’d love to listen in!

    We’ll try to call you Kee-yim to coax you into calling.

  5. I am in…but calling in this time…the internet delay was a bit odd too deal with for me. Thursday’s are my comedy night…a local weekly comedy show (5 minutes from the house) that I am hoping to hook with, but it’d be over by 10pm.


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