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In the last several days, last week’s “Kiss my ass, summer!” temperatures in the mid-90s with heat indices in what Laura cleverly referred to as the “hundred-and-frick” range have given way to awesome days in the mid-80s down to the mid-70s.  It has kicked SO MUCH ass.  On Tuesday night, I grilled burgers (Dys’s turkey burgers, NBAI comrades, so no fear!) and we sat outside and ate on the deck.  That’s something we do maybe three or four times a year, tops.

So yesterday, when I drove home for lunch (something I also do maybe three or four times a year) as a way to be with Boy for a few more minutes before his vacation…we made PBJ’s and ate them outside as well, as per his request.

Hell, we could possibly do it again tonight if we wanted.  Mosquito bites are making my legs itch a bit, but it could be done.

I’m just enjoying it while it lasts.


What’s on tap for this weekend?

  • Well, Dys says she wants to finally knock out one of the Rock Band Endless Setlists.  I think we can do that.
  • If I get my way, we’ll eat out at least once.  Preferably  I’ll be having (NBAI peeps, look away!  Do not, I repeat, do not click on this link!  Damn you, you just don’t listen, do you?) THIS  little item.  Diet murder?  This is like a diet Holocaust.   But Oh Emm Gee is it worth it.
  • The US Grand Prix at Laguna Seca.  Yep, they moved the first of two American races to the July 4th weekend.  Woohoo!  Anybody who watched last year’s race is probably still shaking off the adrenaline high.  Seriously.  Now we just have to see who has the balls to run it through the dirt through a blind-entry S-turn over a 91-meter drop THIS year.
  • Woodford.  Awesome.
  • Maybe some horsies?  Depends on the weather.


Speaking of horsies, on my way to work this morning I got behind a truck pulling a horse trailer.  One of the two horses in back was chillin’.  The other?  NOT chillin’.  That was one very large and agitated horse, especially when they turned off one street onto the other.  But as I passed, he stuck his head out the window and looked at me.

Not crazy eyes.  Excited eyes.

I wish I knew what that horse’s name was; he’d have $2 riding on him this weekend, that’s for sure.


Last night, I finished eating dinner quite a bit late (after my workout, etc) and noticed that Boy wasn’t in the living room.  Quick check of the dining room table (his Lego assembly line) – nope.  His room?  The door was closed, not surprisingly, but the light was also out.

I poked my nose in – he was already laying in his sleeping bag on the floor, covered up.  (He’s been sleeping in a sleeping bag on the floor off and on for weeks now instead of in his bunk bed.  It makes my back cry just to think about it, but that’s what being 9.5 is for, right?)  It was close to his bedtime, but still maybe half an hour early.

I didn’t say anything, I just laid down beside him and tossed an arm over.  He laid there for a second before talking to me.  “Want to turn on the light and read a book?”  “Nah, that’ll make our eyes hurt.  Let’s just hang out.”

I poked him.  He snickered and poked me back.  The dog, hearing voices, poked her head in.  Two people on the floor is an irresistable dog magnet, so she came in.  Once she figured out we weren’t wrestling, she plopped down nearby and went into imminent-naptime mode.

Basically I just laid there with him, ignoring my complaining back, sometimes talking about nothing and sometimes just being quiet, for about fifteen minutes.  (Once he had me get up so I’d be off the coverlet – so he could throw it over me as well.)  Then I had to get up and finish the laundry for his trip.

Fifteen minutes isn’t a long time, unless you’re laying flat on the floor.  But still, that was a damned good fifteen minutes.


No kid at home for the 4th (he’ll be at the small-town parade with my parents if the weather permits – and he’s still not plagued by bad memories of getting sick after a rainy parade with Dys’s mom a few years ago), so probably no fireworks for us this year.


Hope y’all have a safe and happy long weekend.  Happy birfday USA!


7 Responses

  1. As a bona fide horsey person, I’d put my money on the one chillin’. Excited eyes lead to naughty and mischievous horses which can lead to them getting boo-boos or not performing well. A chill horse is either gonna be a plug, or knows how to reserve energy for the right moment. Then again, my own chill horse has a big motor but is too lazy to use it.

    Perhaps your excited horsey’s calm partner was a pony horse?

    Hmmm. This is handy information to have!

    It’s entirely possible it was a pony horse. Entirely. It didn’t look quite as big as the excitable guy.

    But man, that excited horse was a beautiful animal.

  2. You have a pretty sweet life there, TB.

    Ayup, yup I do.

  3. Why would you put that link up there, just why???
    But as a Jew, I think that’s what holidays are for – FOOD. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, the Jew’s motto regarding every holiday: “They tried to kill us, we survived, let’s eat.”
    I love, love, LOVE when you share moments like that about you and your boy.

    Okay, your Jew motto made me LOL. 😀

  4. […] as I commented to TB after he had the nerve to  mention some orgasmic french toast, holidays are for fun and if that fun includes letting go of some of our self-imposed dietary […]

  5. I have come to enjoy my time “camping out” with the kids on the floor…I try to start out on the floor, but move to better spots later when possible for the same reason…my back.

    It’s hell gettin’ old.

  6. I like the way you spent your 15 minutes. Probably the best 15 minutes you’ve had in a while.

    It was definitely pretty damned cool.

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