A New Suit

Those of you of normal vision and not heavily under the influence of some substance or other will probably notice that I’ve changed my theme and layout a little bit.

As I added the No Butts About It graphic (thanks, Laura!) and stuff, I decided it was time to mess around with my widgets a bit.

Then I decided the whole damned list was too long.  I deleted a few but they were short ones anyway.  So then I thought, “Ooh, who has a good three-column theme instead of a two-column?  Laura does!”    I looked, and yep, that seemed like the way to go.

Then I went to browse themes, and found that many allow a custom header, or have three columns, but very few have both.  I’m kinda attached to my header image, really.  It was actually the one thing about my design that I really was happy with.  But this one, Digg 3, had both, so voila!

Any comments?  Too cluttered?  Did I delete something you find useful?  Could I reorganize things to put more helpful bits and pieces up high where they’d be more friendly?  Should I go suck a tailpipe?

Feedback welcome.  It’ll probably take me quite a while to get used to myself, so until then I’m game to shift some stuff around.


9 Responses

  1. Me likey! And emulation is the sincerest form of flattery.

    Then you should clearly feel sincerely flattered. 🙂

  2. Looks good. I like it.


  3. It won’t let me post a comment. So, if you have like ten comments from me saying the same thing, I’m sorry.

    Anyway, it looks good. I like it.

    Weird. I didn’t have multiples, just the last one and this one. If you have more problems, let me know – not being able to post comments would suck.

  4. I vote for tailpipe! 😉

    Good! Now how about a contribution to “TB’s Next Bike Fund” so’s I can get a tailpipe? 😉

  5. I like it. Very open design. Very readable.

    The only thing I don’t like is all the grey on the borders – I’m not sure if I can change that.

  6. Let me be the one voice of reason here. Change is BAD.

    Change makes me nervous.

    Change makes my brain hurt.

    Change makes bad things happen.

    I mean…would we really tell you if it was bad? Does someone tell a person that their kids is ugly and needs to study harder because they NEED to have SOMETHING going for them?

    Alright…that being said…I guess it doesn’t look so badly around here…I guess…

    Dys told me she didn’t like it, so anybody else can chime in and feel in good company!

  7. Wow. I am away from the internet for a few hours, Michael Jackson and Farrah Fawcett die and TB changes his site. I think I’ve learned a very important lesson here.

    I loved your old design, but I like this one a lot too. I do love your header; it’s one of the first things that intrigued me and eventually sucked me into TB world. So I guess what I’m saying is change whatever you want, but never change that!

    Also, how do I get the No Butts badge? I keep meaning to ask Laura and keep forgetting!

    I think they died and THEN I changed – I don’t think the change caused some cosmic death wave to erupt. At least there’s less than a 10% chance of that. Okay, 15%.

    I liked the old design a lot because I thought all the green went well with the “Taoist” theme, but a) it was getting cluttered with my sidebar stuff, b) I hadn’t changed it at all in almost 2 years and I was itching for something new, and c) a whole hell of a lot of blogs use that theme, and the only things that really look different are the header and the words thereon. I kinda wanted something more unique-looking. I’m still not wholly sold on this, but it’s okay.

    The header is one of my favorite photos, too. I took it on a sweltering day just like this one, when I took a two-hour jaunt through my favorite curvy loop and brought my camera along. The photo was actually taken in the park just a mile away from my house.

    I’ll email you about the badge. 🙂

    • Damn, I really thought that was a professional picture you’d just taken to use for the blog; now I like it even more!
      Thank you for the Butts badge info. Am tech tard.

      Nope. That was my own little bike. Rest In Pieces. 😦

      YW for the badge!

  8. Nice and clean. Though I admit that I automatically tune out anything in the left and right margins when I read a blog.

    I don’t automatically tune it out, but I admit I usually ignore it unless I’m looking for something.

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