Out There

This morning, as I was taking my morning walk, I saw something cross the road about fifty yards ahead of me.  It was far enough away that I can’t be 100% sure, but unless there are some really long-faced cats in my neighborhood, it was a fox.  Which would make it the second one I’ve ever seen in the wild.

Being out at daybreak is invigorating for me.  Once I drag my ass out of bed…and in the case of this morning, once I open the door and go “GAH, it’s STEAMY already!!” (according to the Weather Channel, 75 degrees, 87% humidity before 6am – hello summer!)…it’s really enjoyable.  I can’t completely forget that I’m in the city, as the streetlights and the gentle hum of even the earliest-morning traffic can be heard all of the time, but in my quiet neighborhood  it’s as close to peace as I think you can get under the circumstances.

It reminds me of why I hunted and fished when I lived in the country where such things were easily done.  It brought back the peace that I had during my vacation last week while out on the boat with Dys or just on the dock by myself – despite minor mother-in-law psychic eddies, I could just let my mind drift.  Beautiful.

The 5:30am alarm sucks, but it has rewards beyond the exercise.  That’s pretty damned cool.

And as a funny postscript, lying in the front yard of one house was a Mylar balloon that wasn’t there before.  It wasn’t tied to anything, but was clearly just having crashed there, spent.  It read “Happy Mother’s Day.”  Doesn’t it make you wonder where it started?


8 Responses

  1. Foxes are cool. We have one that visits our yard quite often. Funny though, we seem to have fewer squirrels since he’s been around.

    One time my girlfriend screams because she thinks it’s gutting another animal. So I, of course, have to go out and chase it away to see what’s up.

    I have to admit, from a distance it did look like he was pulling apart a carcass, all white and red. But, upon closer inspection, it was a pizza.

    Sometimes it only takes a few good moments in the day to make it all seem better. Try keeping a piece of that with ya.

    “Damn you people, quit with the veggie pizzas!!!”

    It’s definitely a nice way to start the day. Beats that crosstown commute to my son’s school by a long shot!

  2. What a wonderful image, that balloon.

    On the one hand, it kinda looked like litter, but on the other, it was a “where did it come from, and where did it pass by to get here?”

  3. There is just something about an early morning walk. Although weather conditions and the 30-DS kicking my ass every night, I haven’t made it out for one yet, but this post reminds me of why I love doing it. Of course I’m dealing with similar temperature and humidity issues you are and that does dampen (literally) my enthusiasm a little. If we’re getting our asses out of bed to go exercise, don’t you think we at least deserve some nice cool and crisp morning air? It was brutal here by 8:30 this morning. Pisses me off.

    I just skip the 30-DS. 😀

    Although I need to start hitting the gym again. This was my warmup week – time to add something to it.

  4. There’s a track at the school not too far from our house. I’m trying to convince the BF to go walking on it at night, cause let’s face it, we both need to lose weight and running up and down the stairs isn’t enough.

    I feel the same way you do about mornings about the night time. It’s just…magical to me.

    As long as you can find some magic in your day, it’s all good, huh? 🙂

  5. I have a Mylar balloon story as well. Rather than hog your comments here and steal your limelight, I’ll just point you to it if you’re interested.


    I hope that balloon made someone’s day!

    That was a cool story, thanks for linking to it!

  6. The Mylar balloon thing is something that my friend Beej would ponder, as well. LOL! I swear, I thought you’d morphed into her for a second.

    Obviously not, I still dislike going to the dentist!

    Also, I love mornings. I never used to be a morning person, but over the past couple years that has changed. We have had our windows open at night for the past week or so and the birds start about 5 a.m. and it wakes me up. I hate it, but love it all at the same time. My only fear, now that I live kinda in the sticks and not the “city” (come on, it’s the UP, there is no city) I worry about the coyotes. And the skunks. And really, the latter is scarier than the former. How sad is that? LOL!

    Coyotes are dangerous but usually people-shy – skunks, not so much. Ugh.

  7. I live in the South, too. But here in Northwest Florida, the heat and humidity are not refreshing! It’s always humid, even in the winter. But it’s hot, from late-spring to early-fall! Right now, it’s hot 24 hours a day–and summer’s just begun! Must say I envy you!

    As for the balloon–that’s amazing! Ever since I was a kid, I’ve wished I could magically shrink–just long enough to ride the countless balloons I’ve released!

    Yep, summer is just getting started, and it’s already full of “ugh.” And I agree with you on the balloons – especially if they could take us where the cool air is, huh?

  8. The sunken balloon is perhaps the modern version of a note in a bottle connecting people to each other.

    Foxes, I hear they are practically as common as squirrels in London.

    I actually looked hard at the balloon to see if it had a note attached. Sadly, it didn’t. If it had I would have scarfed it up in a heartbeat.

    Foxes are really that common in London? I think here there’s a widespread fear of rabies in wild foxes (and raccoons and skunks, particularly, I think) – I’m not sure if it’s justified or not.

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