Lost Generation

My coworker sent this to me a few days ago, and I was duly impressed.  I knew I had to share it, I just put it aside and forgot about it.  D’oh!

Hope you enjoy.

Edit:  Crap.  The embedding is all funky and won’t work.  Here’s a link instead.  Go watch it (it’s less than two minutes long) – and pay attention to the text as it goes by.  Yes, it seems unnecessary at first but it’ll pay off.


5 Responses

  1. When I realized what was happening, chills.

    Yeah, at first I was kinda pissed. Or depressed, I couldn’t tell.

  2. Very cool!

  3. Wicked. Clever.

  4. That was cool. But, sadly, I am still jaded.

    Also, by AARP? WTF?

    It was a prize-winner for some AARP contest called “u @ 50.”

  5. Very cool. Thanks for linking to it, TB.

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