The Light at the End of the Tunnel

Augh!  It’s blinding, my eyes, my eyes!

Seriously, maybe one more day and things will start to get back to normal.  Well, halfway.  I’ve sort of inherited this ongoing project that will have me out of the office a day or three a week for quite some time – possibly all summer.  Working without air conditioning – joy!  I’ll look at it as a weight loss option.

I have been assiduously avoiding logging in to WordPress in general because – and I know this sounds stupid, but it’s how my brain is working right now – I didn’t want to start catching up on everyone’s blogs until I could sit down and do them almost all at once.  Why?  Because I didn’t want anyone to see I’d commented on someone else’s blog and not theirs and get bummed.

In retrospect, it seems even more stupid than I’d originally thought, because I don’t think anybody is really so nitpicky as to get butt-hurt over such a thing, but at this point I’ve reached a spot at which I think I can get caught up by tomorrow or Friday anyway.

So expect me to stop by and say hi in the next couple of days.  I might not comment as much as usual, but it’s because if I comment on every post that I normally would have, I’d feel like even more of a pompous windbag than usual.  (And that’s pretty tough, eh?)

In the meantime, because I have WAY more runoffatthemouthedness than is healthy (and more than I have free time, natch), I’ve joined the fine ladies at No Butts About It to comment on health, fitness, and body issues type stuff.  Providing a little male perspective and all that.  So I’ll be tweaking the blog face here a little bit to reflect that over the next few days, as I find some time.

And I only had to sleep with one of them to get the job.  (The others didn’t ask.  I’m not holding my breath.)

Hope everybody’s having a good week so far!  Despite being insanely busy, things are pretty good in TB-world.


8 Responses

  1. Hey everyone! He lied! He commented on my site! Nana nanana!

    But, seriously, TB, cut yourself a little slack. You’re busy, sweaty, tired from all that suck up sex! And, please, there is no way in the world you, of all people, could be pompous!

    I notice you DIDN’T say there was no way I could be a windbag.

  2. Dude, I told a secret on my blog. It’s a good ‘un too.


  3. I’d like to apologize again for posting every day while you were out. It’s actually been 14 posts since your last comment. Not that I’m looking forward to you being back or anything.

    Holy fu…I mean, yippee! 😉

  4. I find it terribly amusing that Crisitunity actually counted how many entries its been since you commented.

    I think she’s using her post-a-day habit to cheat instead of actually counting manually.

    As of this moment, I’m caught up with almost everybody. I saved the more prolific bloggers for last. Guess who’s left?

    (And actually I figured wrong in one case – MTAE, you’ve been on a real bender, man!)

  5. Uh-oh. I am not even sure what a blogging bender is…but I guess I am on one.

    Welcome back…The first thing you commented on was the one about me showing my ASS!

    You have to admit, the preponderance of comments at least say that it’s a nice ass. Not that I would know about guy ass, of course.

  6. I’ve been MIA too, and I have to say that the sight of MTAE’s ass was enough to brighten my otherwise shitty day. 😛

    Here’s hoping we can both get back to the world of blogging! Miss you!

    I’m easing back into it – hope you can too!

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