Monday Music

I’m still trying to get caught up – so much so that I quick-whipped this up during a break on Friday because I had no idea if I’d have time on Monday – so forgive me for taking so damned long getting around to everyone’s comments, not to mention your blogs.

Anyway, for some strange reason this song popped into my head a day or so ago and has been there ever since.  Great song, of course, featuring a young Steve Vai and Billy Sheehan, not to mention one of the most famous frontmen in rock at (or at the very least, near) his peak.  But the video?  Pure, priceless 80’s gold.

David Lee Roth, “Yankee Rose”

“Gimme a bottle’a anything.  And a glazed donut.  To GO!!!”


2 Responses

  1. Heh. I saw him in the “Eat ‘Em and Smile” tour. Love this song!

  2. We also saw him on the short lived “Sam & Dave Tour”. 😀

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