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Welp, Boy is officially done with third grade and done with the school where he’s been since Thanksgiving of his kindergarten year.  It ended with a bunch of his classmates telling him they’d miss him.  And with me getting pulled into being the bottom man in a couple of piggyback races…which my son wasn’t even taking part in.  At one point there was a dispute about who got to ride on my back, even.  I think it’s because I was the only male “mule” who was over the age of 10.  

His teacher cheats, by the way.  Egregiously and unashamedly.  

In just a bit, we’re pulling up stakes and heading to Dys’s folks for a week or so, where we’ll kick back, play some games, go fishing, and hope for a miracle that her folks (individually or together) will avoid a major blow-up while we’re there.  Heh.  Have you read her blog lately?  Or ever, really?  Let’s check the forecast.

And now, for your Parents on the 8’s.

Current mood:  mostly sunny.  
Tonight:  partly cloudy.  
Tomorrow:  Sunny.  
Your week ahead:  60% chance of scattered crazy.  Some crazy may be severe.

Oh well.  We’re packing our own supply of liquor, just in case.  And during a quick supply run to Wal-Mart this morning, I bought True Blood:  Season One on DVD so we’d have something to do together in case Boy is monopolizing the Xbox (which is likely) and we choose to banish ourselves to our room.  

We won’t be completely offline, but mostly offline for the next week or so.  Y’all have fun, and we’ll catch ya on the flip side, if not before.


12 Responses

  1. Have fun/good luck/congrats to Boy.

  2. Oy.
    Vacays with the Crazies, I know them well. I hope it goes smoothly and that you guys get some relaxation and fun out of it too, since that’s what vacations are actually for.

  3. Have a great time!

    As far as crazies and/or craziness goes, remember those fateful words from some guy who’s words were often fateful,

    ‘It would behoove one to beat ’em to the crazy.’

    A Viking helmet and ass-less chaps may be a good start.

    As far as your wardrobe. . .

    Have a great time, buddies. You’ll love True Blood. Pretty neat stuff.

  4. I don’t know how many times I gotta tell you guys…

    Chaps ARE ass-less…otherwise they’d be pants! 😉

    • My understanding is that “chaps” automatically means you’re wearing chaps over pants, whereas “assless chaps” means that you’re not.

      Also, it’s so fun to say! 😀

      • Chaps is just a name for an article of clothing, whether it’s worn over another article or not. Saying “assless chaps” is like saying “sleeveless vest”. LoL

  5. Oh, I know, Heather Jo, I’ve seen cowboy movies but it just feels so good saying ‘ass-less’ on someone elses site.

    So, are you a cowboy movie fan or do you come by your ‘experience’ in other manners?

  6. Have fun. And just think of the blog fodder they’ll provide. *giggle*

  7. Have fun? Congrats to the boy! Be careful while traveling.

  8. Welp, hope it all goes well. Have fun. Drink one for me. I’m gonna need it after next week.

  9. I should post my comment BEFORE reading all of the others because all I can think about now are chaps and ass-less chaps.

    Mental photo…Ed Asner in chaps.

    Sorry about that. Hope you have a good time.

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