Marital Bliss

This conversation took place between Dys and I via IM about two minutes ago.

k, i need to get my ass to work here. do ‘we’ have dinner ideas?

uh, this part of ‘we’ don’t
what about that frozen meal thing you bought? one of them?
cordon bleu or that funky olive thing or whatever?

you cookin?  *bats eyelashes*

you fuckin?  *bats eyelashes*



come on, that was too good.
So good I’m tempted to paste it into a blog.

I was just thinking I was going to get a comeback that said, lady, at this point in our relationship, battin’ your eyelashes ain’t gonna get it done. I’m going to need a notarized statement of intent to put out within 24 hours of signing.

laugh. Mine was much more succinct.

yeah, which was why I expected the other one! 😀

This is me flipping you the fuck off. 😀
*ba dump bump* cymbal crash!

and I am DEFINITELY blogging this shit now.

yeah, blog THAT, lol
well c/p so it’s right, lol

5 Responses

  1. …and he just said that he’d be home and would throw “I dunno… something.. in the oven”

    I’m hoping it isn’t me. 😀

  2. He can’t throw away his comedy partner! It’s what makes him funny!

    Maybe I can be like Dean Martin and start making a solo career built on my reputation as a lush?

  3. This right here is why I wish Brian knew how to use a computer for something besides playing poker.
    And looking up his poker stats.

    Why? So he could IM you and see if he’s getting laid tonight? 😀

  4. This is perfect…some of the best stuff happens just like this. It is a perfect window into your relationship.

    And all the grimacing faces on the other side of the window mean…?

  5. The funniest part of this, is that my husband and I send text messages to each other along these same lines. I ask him some inane detail having to do with daily life and he asks if he’s getting laid.

    Heheheheheh. 😀

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