Up to my eyes, hell.  I’m so far underwater, I swear, soon a snorkel won’t be good enough and I’ll need a bona fide SCUBA setup.

(Got any beat-up loaners, Beej?)

Let’s review:

a)  Out of town all tomorrow morning.
2)  Thursday and Friday I have to spend a minimum of 5 hours (between the two) finishing the work that should have been done last Friday.
3)  Boy’s end-of-school awards assembly and party is a week from today.  I’ll have to miss it.
d)  A week from tomorrow is Boy’s last day of school, with his end-of-school carnival day.
e)  A week from Thursday we pile into the car and head to Dys’s parents for a week.  Some of that will be restful.
f)  When we come back, I have about 5-6 working days to finish up my Big Project before the U shuts down the accounts for the fiscal year.

(Did anybody catch my shout-out to Dys up there?  Or has she not done that yet on her blog, or at least not recently?)

Yet y’all keep blogging! Ser’sly!  How th’ell y’all expect a boy to keep up?!?

Yes, Heather, I’ve been gone and I’m gonna be gone quite a bit, still.  Nyah.

I’m reading y’all when I can but probably not commenting as much, and I’ve just about given up on replying to comments here for the time being.  If fate is kind, I’ll be back to what passes for normal in late June or July…just in time for Dys’s annual “omg this kid-at-home-24-7 shit is driving me crazy!!!” post.

This sucks.  I miss y’all. But if all goes according to plan, we should have some fun stuff to share in the not terribly distant future.

Now scurrying off again…


One Response

  1. I don’t believe it. You’re pretty present for someone who’s gonna be gone quite a bit. Just sayin’. 😉

    I have to give you stuff now because when you actually (allegedly?) ARE gone, I’ll miss ya and stuff!

    I thought you were gonna give me the “How can I miss you if you don’t go away?” line!

    All of today’s posts were quick to do. I actually thought about scheduling one of them for tomorrow or another day, but then thought, “nah.”

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