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For My Wife

You other ladies might enjoy it as well…

Imagine looking at this picture of Barry Gibb in a full-sized inside album cover as a 5-year-old and thinking, “Damn, that’s what a man has to look like?  I’m in big trouble.”

Of course, then you flip over to Robin’s cover and go, “Oh.  Maybe not so much.”

Seriously, I thought I’d say publicly what I told Dys last night when I got home…I like it when she blogs a lot.  To me, that speaks of happy wife, which means happy TB.


17 Responses

  1. I was going to comment to her yesterday how I was enjoying her blogging so much! I wish she did it every day.

    Me too! You know, unless I could persuade her to use the time in other ways. Wink wink.

    I don’t think you guys have much to worry about there. 😀

  2. My Mom loved Barry Gibb (probably only second to Elvis).

    I remember crushing on Robert Plant…and Shaun Cassidy. 😀

    I’d have thought you a tad young for Plant. Cassidy right on the money, though.

    • Nope. When I was very wee I saw a Zeppelin poster in my cousin Regan’s (yep, the little girl in the ‘Exorcist’) room and that was it. Couple years later I’d forgotten all about Shaun Cassidy and Plant would be replaced by Ted Nugent. 😀

      But I never, ever replaced John Denver.

  3. And John Denver.

    There. I said it.

    I imagine you looking at your previous comment for 7 minutes before saying “I just can’t stand living a lie anymore!!!” and coming clean with this one. 😀

    I admit, I was a big Denver fan too about that same time. “Aye, Calypso, I sing to your spirit!”

    • He was on The Muppet Show for cryin’ out loud! Ha! His is the one celebrity death that made me cry. I wrote a long time ago about that and how some of his songs still get to me.

      Have you seen the first ‘Final Destination’ movie?

  4. Honestly, I wish I did it every day too. Hell, I wish I just had the TIME to do it every day, lol. Glad you guys like it though. 🙂

    LMAO @ “I can’t stand living a lie anymore!”

    And what I said was that Barry was smokin’ – THEN. No, that is not what I’d want my man to look like now, tyvm. I can’t be with a man who has prettier hair than I do for God’s sake!

    You mean you don’t want me to look NOW like he did THEN? Or don’t want me to look now the way he does now? 😀

    • Both! But I specifically was addressing the former. Tastes change with the times, thank you. Ya know, in 1980-somethingorother, I dreamed of Kirk Cameron while I was awake, and with good reason at the time, but hell no, I don’t want you to look like that either!

      It’s a good thing. I don’t think I could even pull off a Corey, much less a Kirk.

  5. It’s a shame about Robin.

    The pictures of Journey on the inside of their greatest hits album are hilarious in exactly this way. At least one of the band members is wearing a cucumber at all times. (I mean…he has to be.)

    Oh god, nothing beats the Separate Ways (Worlds Apart) video.

  6. My mother WORSHIPPED Barry Gibb. It was borderline sickening at the time.

  7. I always felt badly for Robin because he was the gibb brother with the defective genes. The rest of them had a fabulous head of hair and could crochet an afghan on their arms and chests. I think Barry kind of looks like the guy (who was a sketch) from the 1970s classic book “The Joy of Sex”. Shudder.

    • I was listening to some Bee Gees this morning, and it occurred to me that Robin must have been a stone around their necks for the first ten years. Until disco hit, and that hiiiiiigh nasal voice of his became the signature sound of the band and sold them a gazillion records. And then they blessed his mutant heart.

  8. Hi – this is funny! Hey, thanks for linking to my site; You or your readers might like my Robin Gibb post re his insane affair with a leopardskin wearing Druidess.

  9. I was particularly smitten with Barry Gibb as pictured on Barbra’s ‘Guilty’ cover.

    Sadly, I had a poster of Michael Jackson affixed to my door in 1983.

  10. I was horse crazy all through the 80’s, and unfortunatly didn’t start appreciating 70’s and 80’s music REALLY until the 90’s. Always late to the party, that’s me.

  11. Dude, have you noticed that some Taoist website’s linking to you? I certainly hope they don’t really think you’re a Taoist…;)

  12. That is WAY too much bling. And not in a good way.

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