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I ain’t got time for slow hits!


I can honestly say that I haven’t busted my ass so much since my big Hell Week(s) last April.  And that had a definite end date.  This is more like “try to get everything done as soon as possible.  Absolutely by June 30; but it would be best if it was done by June 1.”  Uh, right.  Yeehaa!


Good news:  Dys doesn’t have to have surgery on her leg.  Bad news:  The orthopedist’s alternative to surgery was to say “Baby it for two months.”  She is less than thrilled.  But at least she’s not having to recover from surgery, too.


My parents are coming this weekend.  It’s our 11th wedding anniversary, so they thought they’d a) come visit, and b) give us a chance to go out as a couple while they spent time with Boy.

Question:  How do you do that?  I think I’ve forgotten.

Anyway, we’re all looking forward to it.  Even the dog, for whom more people = more petting time.


Just in time for the parents to come over – our basement flooded a bit during the massive deluge last Friday.  Best of all, it’s in the part of the basement bedroom (usually the guest room, although I tend to call it My Room because it’s where all my guy stuff is stashed) where I keep my amplifiers.  Ugh.

I had to shampoo the rug in that corner of the room.  It’s raining…or will be…off and on again today, and tomorrow, and Saturday.  Right now all the furniture is still piled in the middle of the floor.  I plan to move it back tonight so the room is ready for my folks tomorrow…and hope I don’t have to move the stuff again while they’re here.

No signs of further leaks yet – Friday was just such a massive downpour on already thoroughly saturated ground that if you were ever going to get leaks, that was the day.  Hopefully, at least.  That’s what I’m telling myself.


Other unwelcome visitors?  Ants.  Fuckin’ ants.  Damn you little bastards, the house is as clean as it’s been in ages and you mock us by invading?  Just before we have guests again?  DIE, you little pricks, DIE!!

(On the other hand, less embarrassing to have it happen when my relatively laid-back folks are in town than our friends Michael and Eva a few weeks back.  We would have been mortified.)


To those of you who subscribe to the mail club for TB Records (Our motto:  K-Tel for the ’00s!), I made the first pass through for two new discs, the long-imagined Rainy Mix and version 2.0 of one of my personal favorites, Smash the World.  On first pass, each was, oh, about 400 songs.  Editing to come, then a test drive or two, and maybe they can hit the mailboxes in late summer?  We’ll see.

This time I think I’ll just be posting a track listing without all the commentary, so those who are on the fence can wait until the track listing is posted to see if you want in or not.  I will warn you that Smash the World, as the title might imply, is not for the faint of heart or sensitive of hearing.


No, Suzy, I haven’t forgotten a possible TB hair retrospective.  I’m not committing to a timeline, but it’s something I want to do, so we’ll see.  I also keep mulling around in my head that I’d like to do another radio show, but I haven’t really gotten the bug to do it (or really a good time to schedule it).


Now to go catch up on emails that I told people last week I’d catch up on this past Monday…


7 Responses

  1. Geez, dude, when it rains it pours to biblical proportions. I mean, floods and ants at the same time? I didn’t even know ants could swim! Now I am officially scared.

    Honestly, the ants showed up on Mother’s Day morning. I was wondering if their mines got flooded and they started looking for high ground.

  2. Happy (upcoming) anniversary; I know you guys will remember how to go out on a date – a good meal, trip to the book store and a movie always works for us, but then again we have a stunning lack of imagination.
    So happy for the no surgery verdict!

    So…on a date, you go to dinner, AND a book store, AND a movie?

    See? We’ve been counting ourselves lucky if we get one of the above. We’re rusty.

  3. The ants are running from the moisture outside…it is kind of normal.

    But too bad you get stuck down there with the flood and bugs. Thinking about it, though, I would rather have a “man place” with a little water than no place at all.

    A guy on my motorcycle board said something a few weeks ago about “You live as a single guy in a 900 sq foot apartment, you get hitched, you move into a 2000 sq foot house…and the wife claims the whole upstairs and gives you 900 sq ft of the basement which you immediately try to turn back into your bachelor apartment.”

    He’s so right I hate him a little bit.

  4. Hey, MTAE! Are you bringing your dirty shower talk over here now? Damn! A man place with a little water indeed!


  5. Since Dys has to baby her leg for a bit, maybe you could find a nice place to “elevate it” for your date. 😉

    I don’t know – I have several ideas, maybe we should try them all and see which works best, hmm?

  6. Sorry about the flooding! 😦

    I hope you and Dys can have a lovely evening out. I kind of forget what those are like too! I’m sure it’ll be lovely to see the folks too.

    I am trembling with anticipation over the hair post, ha ha! 😀

    I hope you’re not trembling that much…it’ll probably be a while yet, so I’d hate to have people think you have Parkinson’s or something!

  7. You’re just staying all types of busy aren’t you? Happy Anniversary to you and Dys.


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