Monday Music

I had an MM in mind early last week, but then I watched the Scrubs finale and the other will just have to wait.

I will man up and admit it:  I’ve watched this sequence three times now and each time I watch it I get more choked up than the last.  At this rate, by the tenth time I’ll be bawling like a baby.

JD’s last fantasy sequence, set to Peter Gabriel, “The Book of Love”

Damn, that’s beautiful.  I’m gonna miss that show.


5 Responses

  1. Okay, I’m sobbing like a little bitch over here. When the @#$%^ did the finale happen and how did I miss it???
    Guess I’ll have to go to Hulu and see if they have the episode yet.
    What an excellent show.

    You can watch it on the Scrubs page at ABC’s web site. Hit the “Watch Free Episodes” button and you’re set. (It’s broken into two parts online, but other than that it’s just like the original.)

    BTW, fans of the show, did you recognize the janitor at the end?

  2. I did better this time. As TB knows, I was all choked up the first time, right up until I saw the janitor at the end and J.D. said, “Who’s to say this isn’t what happens… who can tell me that my fantasies won’t come true?” And then the man who could say, “Night.” aaaaaand I lost it.

    Babe, don’t know if this will work, so you may have to link it (if you want it here), but I had to do something to lighten the mood just a little tiny bit. 🙂

    Worked just fine! I’ve actually already posted it someplace, but I’m always up for a good “Screw You.”

  3. Couldn’t tell who the janitor was!!

    It’s harder in that tiny window.

    It’s Bill Lawrence, the creator of the show.

  4. Glad to hear I wasn’t the only one who had snot running down their face and was gasping between sobs. I love Scrubs.

    I wasn’t that bad…but I’m still on viewing #4. There’s still time.

    All told, I think this is in the top 3 of TV finales of all time (so far) – with MASH and Six Feet Under.

  5. Man. Makes me wish I had kept up on the last two seasons (I want to know a) Where’s Janitor; and b) where’s JD going?). There’s always Netflix, though! What a lovely ending.

    Honestly, I’m not so up on the last two seasons, either. Particularly season 7. But to answer:

    a) Janitor was there. The last episode definitely features him, and if you love the character you’ll like where they go with it.

    b) JD took a job as residency director at a hospital ~30-45 min away to be closer to his son. (Did you know JD had a son now?)

    Definitely watch the episode. Click on the link above, or go to and find it that way.

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