Quiet Time

Yep – another one of those times.  I’ll be in the office for a few hours…over the next three to five days.

I’ll be more out of touch than usual for that period.  Y’all have fun.

(This would be your opportunity to possibly poke fun at me without me finding out for a little while – don’t let it go to waste!)


5 Responses

  1. Poke!
    No – actually you being incommunicato (I bet that is spelled so wrong) is actually a sad prospect for the week.

  2. I am thinking that TB is going in for hair transplants.

    I’m not just the president; I’m also a client!

  3. Um, aren’t you the guy who got an egg beater stuck in your hair? (Sorry, that’s the best I can do.)

  4. :: poke ::

  5. You shouldn’t be working so hard!!! 😀

    Hope you’re back with us soon!

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