RIP Dom DeLuise

The Roman Empire won’t be the same without you.


8 Responses

  1. That made me so sad today. I hate when we lose someone funny.

  2. Don’t throw anything at me, but I thought he was already dead…

    :: ducks ::

  3. I loved the gag reels at the end of the Cannonball Run movies when he and Burt Reynolds would get the giggles. I couldn’t help but laugh, myself.

    He will be missed. Well, by most of us anyway. Laura has obviously already made her peace with his passing. 😉

  4. Aw. That sucks. At least he made a LOT of people laugh.

  5. I heard that on the radio this afternoon. He died of cancer, right?

    I remember him most fondly as Itchy from All Dogs Go To Heaven. I think I’ll watch that movie tonight and drink a glass of wine in his honor.

  6. There’s another one that has the outtakes from Cannonball Run 1 AND 2 but the quality on the first half is bad so I didn’t link it.

    It’s sad, there’s a lot of actors in those movies that are gone now. I’m so old I’m sounding just like my mother “Everyone in this movie is dead!”

  7. He had gotten SOOOO big. The Cannonball run stuff was really funny. Wouldn’t it be nice to be remembered like he will be…other than the “fat” part.

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