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It’s 83 degrees in my office today.  It’ll be 85 outside.  So after a week of nice weather outside not even touching the heat inside, now it’ll be even hotter outside than in.  WTF?


You can all blame Laura for calling me out.  I joined Blip yesterday.  So I can now inflict my weird musical tastes on all sorts of random strangers…or you, if you so desire.  Stop by my Blip channel if you’re curious.

After a day, I have to say I like Pandora better as a method for discovering music, but this seems to be rockable as a method for sharing music.  That’s pretty cool.

But now I get to blame Laura for the fact that I’m bopping to VH’s “Ice Cream Man.”


Crisitunity is talking about one of my mostest favoritest ST:TNG episodes ever over on her newly-purdified blog.  Fellow geeks rejoice!


I was emailed earlier today and offered a minor leadership position in a professional association, completely out of the blue.  It was one of those sit-back-in-my-chair-for-a-second moments.

Honestly, I feel thoroughly unqualified.  But all things considered I think my toe-dabbing into leadership last year went very well, and I felt good doing it.  I just need to think about it very hard (and discuss it thoroughly with Dys) before committing to something like that at this point.  Lots of eggs are in the air, and while this could be a cool one, I really can’t afford to drop any of them.


I forgot to mention one little tidbit in yesterday’s post about our weekend – when we tried to open the cheapo bottle of cooking wine for the gratin, all four of us tried and completely failed to pull the cork.  We actually broke one of the two (fairly cheap) corkscrews that we had at home.  I ended up having to break out the drill and drill holes in it to get it to dribble out onto a paper-towel filter.



The weekend’s almost here, and personally I can’t wait.  Whew, whatta week!


10 Responses

  1. WOW on the leadership offer- keep us posted!

    I’m ashamed to admit that when cooking with wine, I normally use something reasonably decent and then polish the rest of the bottle off when the food is cooking. 😀 If the cork had broken like that with me, I’d have done something equally classy, like get a stick from the back garden and poke the cork the rest of the way in… 😛

    Have a great weekend! And HA! on us having heard a lot more from you this week than you let on we would at the start of it!!!

    I thought it was possible, but I wasn’t sure how likely it was, hence the message not to call out the bloodhounds. 😀

  2. I think I performed the world a service, myself. You have excellent taste in music, after all.

    Congrats on being offered the leadership position! Clearly, they are people of discerning taste.

    In other news, go here and celebrate.

    Dys occasionally agrees with you on my musical taste. But definitely not while Michael’s in town. And often not when we’re picking out Rock Band songs to download. 😀

  3. Update: 85.5 in my office. SHEESH.

  4. Well, here in Northern Ireland, it’s chucking it down outside, it’s about 60, and I am wearing a wooly jumper over my wool dress that I wore to work- I’m not sure if this makes you feel better or not! Our heating oil has run out and I don’t get paid until Monday, so we can’t afford any more until then- send some “warm weather for the weekend” vibes our way! 😀

    That sounds pretty chilly – good luck with some warmer weather!

  5. It was 85 here today as well and that made me very happy. It’s going to storm tonight and I’m also okay with that. Happy! Happy!

    Congrats on the leadership offer! Should you decide to take it, will it make you even busier than you already are? Exciting stuff!

    85 outside is fine, as long as you can go inside if you want to cool off. I’ve also worked many a day outside in 90+ temperatures, and that’s different too – there’s a breeze on your face. It’s just NOT supposed to be 85 in an office!!

  6. It was 91 here. Might have more to say later, but my brain has gone on strike. It’s refusing to engage unless it has at least 12 hours of sleep. Just wanted to let you know I’ve been keeping up, just been too tired to comment.

    Sok, you’ve got other things to keep you occupied right now!

  7. For the first time since October we’re running the a/c right now, as it was 81 inside the house when we got home at 8:30 tonight.
    Thus begins the season of my discontent.
    And me trying my hardest to make sure I’m nice and fat and knocked up just in time for summer!
    That’s really cool about the position offer whether you decide to take it or not. Because “they” think you are worthy and that’s always nice to hear.

    Well, if you do get nice and knocked up, you’ll be saving the worst of it for winter, which IMHO is probably the way to go.

    It was a nice ego boost about the position. I’m still thinking it over.

  8. Way to improvise with the filter…

    I will disqualify myself from commenting about the “dropping of eggs” issue…since I am a poor example of saying no.

    Feel proud…regardless of your decision.


  9. I was talking to a friend in LA and, in two days, it went from 60 to 100. In Boston it started at 50 and is supposed to get to 80.

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but that’s not right, is it?

    Good luck juggling eggs, TB. Or is that Mr. B now?

    I’m with MTAE here, you did good no matter which way it goes.

    Hell no, that ain’t right.

    And definitely not Mr. B. It sounds like Fonzie saying “Mrs. C.” Heh.

  10. I mourn the loss of Pandora at work. It’s been blocked with everything else in the great Internet Smackdown of 2009. *sob*

    Suckitude! My main problem is not being able to turn it up for fear of freaking out my coworkers.

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