Open to interpretation

Last night I dreamed I was going back to college.

Not that I remember what the hell I was going to be studying, or what degree I was going for, or anything specific like that.  I was just going back to college.  Back to UVA, specifically.  Why?  I dunno, probably because if I could make a living as a UVA undergrad, I would do so in a heartbeat.

I remember waiting outside an elevator.  I think that between my two degrees I can count on one hand the number of times I ever rode in an elevator.

I remember standing outside the cafeteria waiting in line.  Somehow I knew I was supposed to swipe my ID to get into the dining hall (any UVA alums reading this – long live O-Hill Dean!)  But I knew I didn’t have my student ID yet – I had enrolled but not registered.  And my original ID damn sure ain’t gonna get me anywhere.  (Though yes, I do still have it stashed away for general hilarity.)  But I didn’t want to lose my place in a LONG line.

I got up to the cashier, a lady, and explained my dilemma,  hoping this would move along quickly and not piss off all the people behind me.  I had cash to buy lunch, I said, if that would make things easier.  She instead said I looked like a student, and briefly quizzed me on college-ish things (???) and I nailed the quick quiz.  (Now, of course, I wonder if my brain in a dream-state is capable of asking questions to which I don’t know the answer.)

She asked my name and looked me up on some tiny computer she had next to the register.  My last name came up, and I pointed to the one entry.  “There,” I said, “That’s me.  I can show you my driver’s license if that helps,” I said, pulling it out.

She looked at me like I was an idiot, took my driver’s license – which of course, in the dream, was a Virginia license again – and swiped it.  BEEP!  It worked.

Then Van Halen came on my clock-radio and I woke up.

Maybe I was really hungry and not wanting to be embarrassed in front of  a crowd of people?


5 Responses

  1. You are in a flux so maybe that has something to do with it.

    Me? Last night I dreamt the bus I was in got into an accident and my face came in contact with the metal bar in front of me and I knocked out a bunch of teeth.

    I reached in and pulled out the stragglers (I’ve actually done that two times – got elbowed during a basketball game and pulled out a tooth with my mouth guard during a hockey game). While I’m in the hospital I called my girlfriend to open the business but had to write down all the entry codes and shit because I couldn’t talk.

    I never remember my dreams. Maybe someone’s telling me to keep my mouth shut for a while.

    Heh. Or not to stand so close to the front of the bus.

  2. Yes, but were you NAKED?

    Luckily for the free world, no.

    • Hey man, it was your dream. You could have made the free world ECSTATIC about your state of undress.

      Not even my subconscious is that good to me!

  3. I too have often wondered if my sleeping brain is capable of coming up with questions I don’t know the answer to. I’m still going with no.

    I agree. It reminds me of that old “Can God make a rock so heavy he can’t lift it?” brain-teaser.

  4. Dreams are so frickin’ weird. But I am glad for that…there just aren’t enough mysteries left in life. So the weirder, the better!


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