Dutch Harbor, baby.

This one’s for Kim.



8 Responses

  1. …and for your wife, but I already got my dedication for the week so it’s cool. 😉

    WOOO, BRING ON THE DC BOYS!!! (Because damn am I in need of that tonight)

    It is so on.

  2. I decided over the weekend that like Captain Phil. I hope he’s going to be okay! 😀

    Me too! That sucked. 😦

  3. I am NOT HAPPY about the way the season started last night!!!

    Neither were we!

  4. Oh, and how is it that Phil was off the boat for eight months, yet his doctor waited until opening day to call and tell him about the other test results? Was it really just poor timing, because when he had to watch the Cornelia Marie take off without him that really harshed my buzz. And yes, I may have shed a tear, damn it.

    Dys did, too. I mean, Phil couldn’t have done anything but what he did – step aside, but be there to watch her sail away – what else could he have done, risk having his sons watch his dead body airlifted out by the CG? I did like that they gave him some space with the boys, and still showed him giving them both a big hug. I feel bad for Murray, bad for the Harris boys, but worst for Phil.

    Same deal with Keith – wtf, his doctor couldn’t have called earlier?

    Of course, in both cases the guys may have just held off seeing a doctor as long as possible. That wouldn’t be hard to believe in either case.

    The thing with Keith’s head is freaking me out a bit – a concussion is likely. But the thing that freaks me most is that stuff in the intro, where the CG is being called out to rescue the crew of the F/V (audio cuts out). I swear somewhere in that set of clips I saw Monte in a survival suit. And I’m hoping it was just my imagination that I thought he was looking out of the door of a chopper.

  5. I got chills when the audio cut out during the send-off prayer and all the guys are staring at each other saying “That’s not good”.

    I wanted to give Phil a big hug, myself.

    I remember that – was that season 3 or 4? Either way, yeah, not good to do to a traditionally superstitious lot.

  6. Marie and I watched last night, first time I’ve ever seen it. And now I’m hooked. Pun intended.

    It only takes one hit. Which makes it stronger than heroin (or so I’ve heard). Oh noes!

    • Yeah, well, you guys need to stop recommending shows to me. I have a RIDICULOUS amount of TV I have to keep up on, already, without adding The Discovery Channel to the lineup (we watch TDC frequently, we just don’t “follow” any particular shows… or, well, we didn’t…).

      Heh. Sorry. DC is a bad one to get hooked on, because they do two runs of 6-8 episodes a year and then it’s all the occasional marathon until the next season.

  7. Shoot! It started last night?? Totally forgot to DVR it for T-Dawg while he’s still in FL.

    If they do as seasons past, the new episodes will air Tuesdays at 9, with the previous week’s episode at 8. So you should be able to catch it again.

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