Monday Music

Well, last night’s MotoGP season opener was postponed 24 hours due to a torrential downpour.  In freakin’ Qatar, on the Arabian Peninsula.  Fun, huh?  I suppose that’s #2 on the list of “weather things MotoGP didn’t plan for,” behind a snowstorm in Sepang.

And this morning it took me 25 minutes to traverse about 2.5 miles of my commute.  Sheesh.

But anyway, life goes on.  And it seems like a good morning to throw in a MM I’ve been thinking about for a few weeks.  This one is for Dys, who loves this song to pieces.

Avenged Sevenfold, “Almost Easy”

Yes, the video is one big corny cliche, but I couldn’t find any decent quality Rock Band videos to use instead.  Bummer.

I admit, I wish I’d thought up the band name “Avenged Sevenfold” myself.  It’s a great one.


6 Responses

  1. That song kicks ass!
    And I didn’t find the video too bad – guitars and flames go together like rice and gravy.
    Damn, that sounded southern.
    Like…like baseball, apple pie and Chevrolet, yeah, that’s it!

    Damn you, now I’m all hungry for rice and gravy.

  2. Yep, read somewhere that it rains, like, eight days a year in Qatar- whoops!!

    Still more than it snows in Malaysia! 😀

  3. >>Yes, the video is one big corny cliche, but I couldn’t find any decent quality Rock Band videos to use instead.

    Whew! 😉


  4. Anyone who says, “I’m not insane” that many times in 4 minutes doth protest too much. 😀 Still love the song though.

    And I got a dedication, woot! 😉

    Good point on the protesteth-ing!

  5. What is up with all these pansy boy rock bands that sing about their feelings?

    What happened to singing about a hot pair of legs and a motorcycle road trip to hell?

    Give me AC/DC and ZZ Top any day.

    WTF? Are you turning in your goth card all of a sudden? 😀

    • No. But they aren’t goth either. Goth music isn’t about pansy boys singing about their feelings.

      I’ll take your word for it!

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