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The nice officers talked me out of the bell tower.  They took away my .30-06, though.

Seriously, as I said in the comments, just venting helped a ton, so thanks for everybody bearing with me there for a second.  I also managed to get some positive things accomplished in the office yesterday.  I still have a shitload of a long way to go, but it’s a few inches less than it was yesterday, so I’ll take it.

I also watched about 3/4 of the new Mythbusters last night before I passed the hell out on the couch with my feet up on the dog’s back.  I was a little bummed that I missed the end.  But the parts I saw were still kickass.  (That bus RC system ruled!)

I talked to my pal Michael last night and touched base on their visit next week, which was also really cool.  We’re all excited about them coming by.  Except apparently Michael can’t be drinking too much this time.  Why?  Oh, nothing much, he just had a needle stick in his lab with the parasitic phage that he’s working with for his doctorate, and he’s on a buttload of meds.  “Nothing to worry about really, I just can’t have more than two or three drinks.”  Sheesh.

And I let Dys talk through my grumpiness and convince me to let her buy dinner out last night.  I was still a little off, but when she suggested it I decided it would make us both feel better if I rode along with her to pick it up.  (So we left Boy in the house by himself for 10 minutes for about the fourth time ever.  He was stoked.)  Barbecue from a dude named Jimbo is a good thing.

Anyway, back to normal.  Or what passes for normal around here.  Whatever.

Edit:  Btw, thanks to Vix linking to me, and SassySteelMagnolia putting in a nice word, I had my second or third most-hits-ever yesterday, six hits shy of my record.  So all y’all who stopped by for the first time, I’m not always that crazy.  Or at least not always crazy in that way…


13 Responses

  1. I was thinking of you during Mythbusters saying,

    “Now THAT has to cheer him up!”

    Hell yeah. Busticated cars were great.

  2. Glad things are a bit better today! And YAY on the big number of hits! 🙂

    It is a little flattering to have all that attention…can’t help but make you feel a little better!

  3. No problem, sugar! Kind words are easy to give out for cool dudes like you. Still reading through your old posts but really liking what’s there. I’m a fan of Mythbusters, too. My late husband loved that show and something we always enjoyed watching together so it is a little bittersweet to watch it now. 😦 Being a widow at 45 TOTALLY sucks by the way.

    Ugh! My condolences, that really must completely suck!

  4. PS – What is with that purple “thing” next to my name?? While I do love purple, I am curvy and my hair is red (not my arms) but, honey, I gotta tell ya – that thing looks NOTHING like me (Thank God)! 😉

    Us Southern Belles are fussy about our appearance and that “thing” is tarnishing my image, sugar! (adjusts tiara) 🙂

    Oh, it’s just one of a couple of default-settings for people who don’t already have some sort of blogger-avatar attached to their name via WordPress, Blogspot, etc. I just picked the monsters one at random. It was a close shave over a geometric-patterns one, so wtf, I’ll go change it. I just got tired of the default “mysterious grey shadow” that used to come up in that situation.

    I’m a big fan of Southern Belles. And yet I married a midwestern Viking. Whose preference was for tall, rail-thin guys, which I ain’t. Just goes to show what I always used to say…when it comes down to The One, your previously-avowed “type” means nothing…

  5. Now that the boy and I have our own TiVo in the back, we actually get to see stuff like Mythbusters…

    I hope you stashed another weapon somewhere…NEVER give up your only one.

    Mythbusters is the shit, huh?

    Truthfully, I’ve never owned a rifle. Just the shotgun, and for a little while, a .44 Colt black powder (1851 Navy). It’s one of those “I’d like more, but I’ve got other things to spend the money on” things.

  6. So someone slipped you a Midol, eh there, cupcake? 😉

    Where the fuck is the “flip off” smiley on this bitch?!? 😀

    Juuuuuuuuuuuuust kidding. I’m happy to read that you’re in better spirits today. I am, too.


  7. Weirdly enough, I am too!
    Maybe everybody was having sympathy hormonal pains for me. If so, I apologize profusely and owe everyone a drink. I’ll be the one in the corner drinking the non-alcoholic beer.

    I dunno, maybe I better give it another day or two to make sure it’s past before I go drinking…

    Dibs on a Maker’s for Friday night?

  8. But you had your 9mm tucked into your leg holster, right?

    BBQ from a dude named Jimbo = pretty sure he’s qualified. Now, if he’d been called, say, Hansel (“Hansel?”) I’d doubt his skills.

    No, but I had a thin tube of iocaine…

    • Replying to my own comment – I just read MTAE’s comment after I posted mine, and I’m not sure what to think of the fact that our minds went along the same path, there…

      Hee, so many jokes, so little time…

      • Well. At least you had the iocaine. Was one of the officers Sicilian?

        Nope, which made it seem unsporting to smart them to death. Hence, no national news.

  9. I’m glad you’re doing better today! Very glad the nice police men could talk you down from the bell tower.

    All’s well that ends without the smell of cordite, eh?

  10. You’re welcome, babe. It was the least I could do for recommending that fantastic song to me.


    Glad ya enjoyed it!

  11. Oh yeah! A guy who blogs about motorcycles, guns, likes Bonnie Raitt’s “I Can’t Make You Love Me” and has a sharp mind…makes this Southern Belle happy to find a new happy reading spot in the blogsphere. 🙂

    Why, thank ya, ma’am.

    I have a lot of my Daddy’s guns (one of them being a 1952 Browning Sweet 16 and an 1884 Smith & Wesson pistol). I just bought a Jimenez 380 that I try to take to the range every couple of weeks. You wouldn’t think that a lil ol’ Southern gal who is definitely a girly girl would like motorcyles, guns and MythBusters but looks can be deceiving. 😉

    That S&W sounds sweet. My grandfather has a break-top .32 S&W that he bought used in the late 40s as a trucker…I love that little thing.

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