I’m in a bit of a writing dry spell lately for some reason.  Lots going on but little to joke about, and not much deep thought.  In general, that’s probably pretty good, huh?

I keep trying to finish my last bit of the Sunny Mix tracklist, but damn, I seem to be losing my enthusiasm for the project in a hurry.  On the one hand, I want it done so I can move on to the next mix (which I probably won’t write up like this) but on the other hand, half-assing it with no enthusiasm for the project just seems to completely defeat the purpose of what the Sunny Mix is all about, doesn’t it?  So I think I’m just going to sit on it for a while.  If I get in the mood, I’ll finish it.  (And if anybody feels a burning need to see it done, let me know – that might be the drive I need to get it the fuck done.)

Boy is on spring break as of…well, now, actually.  They had a half-day today and he’s surely home and happily ensconced in Cyrodiil by now.  We have tomorrow to pack and then on Sunday I’m taking him to meet up with Dys’s parents, where he’ll stay for the week.  I’m sure he’ll have a ball, and so will they.  Meanwhile, I’m going to take Monday and Tuesday off work, so it’s quite possible you won’t hear from me those days (well, I’ll find time to do the Monday Music somehow!).  Our big plans:  a) clean the house some, b) see Watchmen, c) play lots of Rock Band, d) watch lots of Dexter and other TV that we don’t watch until Boy is asleep.

Livin’ the high life, bitches.  Heyull yeah.

Anyway, y’all keep your powder dry.  5 hours on the road with Boy, lunch with the in-laws, 5 hours on the road by myself, and two days alone with Dys has got to come up with some good blog material!


5 Responses

  1. Have a fantastic time! 🙂

    I did! (Mostly.)

  2. Sounds lovely! And you’re forgiven for the blogger’s blank, as I had it, kind of still have it akshully.

    It sucks, but if that’s the most I have to bitch about, I’ll take it.

  3. Creepy that you said “keep your powder dry”. My mom just said that to me this afternoon and it’s the first time I’d ever heard it.\

    Really? Old-fashioned saying, really. Sometimes as a two-parter, “Keep yer pants hitched and yer powder dry.” (Old black powder wouldn’t fire when it got wet.)

  4. Must be something in the air. I haven’t felt like writing much either. From what I can tell, lots o’ people are in the same boat. But looking forward to the road trip stories…

    They need a map for “blogger’s block” or whatever we call it like they have for the flu every year. “Sporadic,” “Widespread,” etc.

  5. Well! I’m off Monday and Tuesday too and have the same sort of exciting plans for cleaning and hanging out.
    If I go back to work Wednesday with any sort of tan, I’ll consider it a success. Have fun on the road!

    So, it’s Wednesday, how’s your tan? Mine sucks! (I mowed and seeded some bare spots yesterday but it was cloudy.)

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