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Quick Hits

Seems like I’m doing a lot of Quick Hits lately.  Partially it’s because I don’t have a lot to say at length, or at least nothing original, so you can all be thankful – even if the posts are long as hell, at least they’re ADD-friendly.  Don’t like the topic, wait 10 minutes!


Dark and rainy today.  One of those mornings that it was hard as hell to get out of bed.  And that’s after I took probably 15 full seconds to figure out, out of a dead sleep, “WTF is that loud noise!?!?!?” and remember how to shut my alarm clock off.


I can’t laugh at Crisitunity anymore…at least not because of her dreams.  I had my first dream (that I could remember) about a fellow blogger last night.  I dreamed that I was at some two-story home that I didn’t recognize (only my brother has a 2-story home, and his is a 1910’s home so it’s kind of obvious), and Suzy was over to visit.  I was wearing a hooded sweatshirt, and in between chatting merrily with Dys and Suzy, I was pulling the hood over my face in odd ways to entertain her youngest son.



Of course, after that dream, I had a much more disturbing one in which I killed a man.  Long and crazily weird story short, I caught him stealing stuff from my car, which made me very angry…we got into a fight, and my anger during the fight ramped up into some subhuman rage until I went too far, horribly fracturing his skull.  Which brought me to an instant, vomitous “what on earth have I done?!?” moment…at which point I woke up.

I much prefer the making-the-little-boy-laugh dream.


I did something today that I haven’t done in years.  During my commute, even while stuck in traffic during a pouring rain, I just turned off my radio and enjoyed the quiet.

I used to do it from time to time because it seemed closer to riding my motorcycle, without so many distractions.  But I haven’t done so in quite a while.

I probably won’t make it a regular thing, but it was nice.


It’s another Thursday In Black around campus. Seems like lots of people are participating.


Tuesday night I was making some spaghetti for dinner when Dys called to me from the living room.

“Come look!  There’s a motorcycle parked on the street.”

I pondered.  “Is it for me?”

HELL no.”

“Oh.  Well, damn.  I thought maybe you were pulling a big surprise.  And that would have been a huge one.”

“It would be the last one, too!”

“If the last surprise was a motorcycle, I could live with that.”


We went out to eat last night, and as we sat down I immediately noticed a young lady standing near the table next to us.  She sat down soon thereafter, and I spent an inordinate amount of time trying to figure out how to get Dys (who was facing away) to take a look.

Finally, she got up to leave, and I did the whole “Hey!”  (eye-roll to the side.)

“What?”  A second later, she walks by and past Dys’s vision.  “God.”

I laughed.  “What was that saying on Scrubs that one time?  ‘Busting out of her niece’s tank top?'”

Because seriously, this gal had a pair of double-D’s partially corraled into a little pink t-shirt that surely came from the “Misses” section.  Yikes.  (And, of course, “wow.”)

A few minutes later I started laughing again.  “What?” asks Dys.

“The Mustang they just got into?  Has one of those chain-link steering wheels.”

“Don’t laugh.  It took a lot of time and hard work on the pole to pay for that.”


Hey!  The World Superbike Championship round at Miller Motorsports Park at Salt Lake City is looking for wild card entrants!

The entry fee is only 1,000 Euros.  And 5,000 Euros for tire supplier fees.  At today’s exchange rate, by my calculations, that works out to $8164.20.  So.  All’s I have to do is raise the money by tomorrow.  (And get my racing license.  And a homologated race bike.  But why quibble?)

What say ye, readers?  Y’all can root around in your couches and put together $8k by tomorrow, right?  I’ll throw in the last $164.20 myself.  Tell ya what:  here’s a link to the application form.  Top donator gets to be my Team Manager.  Second gets to be my Press Officer.  C’mon, who wouldn’t want to a) whore me out and/or b) make totally outlandish claims about me and my racing ability?

“He’s logged thousands of road miles, and he’s crashed the same bike twice in two years.  He’s only been over 100mph once, but I’ve seen him race on video games, and he’s awesome!!”

C’mon, folks, let’s put Team Taoist Motorcycling Unlimited on the grid at Miller this May!  Yes, We Can!  Go team!  Go team!  G….

[There is a horrid, gutteral scream as Dys’s hand reaches through the monitor and drags TB home through the ethernet cable by his testicles.]


5 Responses

  1. How true, one should never underestimate pole time.

    This happened last week. Someone paid a small bill with a large bill. The only way I could make them the proper change was to give them a heaping helping of one dollar bills. She looks at me, a tad perturbed, and said,

    “You’ve got to be kidding! Like I don’t get enough of them at work!”

    It really is payback because she once paid a large bill with many folded and crumpled ones (sadly, that’s not a joke).

    I hope you took them with tongs. Yikes.

  2. I am glad that I didn’t make a guest appearance as “the-guy-being-killed” in your dream.

    I’ve killed (or, in two extremely vivid dreams that I still recall years later, horribly and deliberately maimed) in dreams before, but they were always people who were harming me or my family. So if you’re not a criminal, you’re probably cool. 😀

  3. LMAO, I am glad I didn’t appear in the guy being killed dream either- the dream in which I featured was really cool and is probably how it would be if we really could meet up! 😀

    I regularly drive with the radio off, if the kids are out of the car. I love them so much, but there is precious little peace in my life these days, so it’s sometimes nice. 🙂

    Precious little ones destroy that precious little peace, don’t they!

    As for the dream, hope we get to find out sometime. That would be nice.

  4. Don’t tell anyone, but Brian had a dream the other night he was about to get busy with two college girls. Then he took off his clothes and they were like, Um no thanks. Talk about shitty – can’t even enjoy a nice dream threesome without worrying about some non-existent body issues!
    That last sentence was quite a visual.

    Damn, dream-burned, even! Poor guy. I hope you gave him some sympathy, uh, attention. 😀

    Thanks for the compliment! Dys said she liked it…

  5. Kim has instilled the ‘dream guilt’ into Brian! Oh! The humanity! 😀

    Well it sounds more like Dream Fail than Dream Guilt, but Dream Guilt is some freaky shit, I can tell you. Yep, I’ve definitely been there.

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