A Long View

I’m just going to go ahead and say that I’m not going to blog tomorrow.  Meeting all morning, meeting most of the afternoon, maybe 1 or 2 hours in the middle to do anything with my workday.  Not a lot of time for posting.

I just wanted to let y’all know so nobody called out the Coast Guard or the bloodhounds or anything.


Last night, Boy and I took what is starting to be our usual jaunt up the park hill to play basketball.  This time, however, I was also humping about 35 pounds’ worth of his telescope with us.  We’ve used it a time or two in the backyard, but we live in the city and our skyline is really blocked by trees and the huge hillside behind us.  This weekend, I’m dropping him off with the in-laws, who have a nice house on a midwestern hill with a massive open sky all around and very little light pollution to boot.  It’s about as great a stargazing sky as you could ask for.  So we’re sending the scope with him.

Since he’s only tried to use it in the dark, we thought it would be good to have him give a try in the light so he could easier see which knobs to turn.  I’m not entirely sure how muchgood that did, since I still assembled the thing out of the backpack while he was busy watching the big-ass turkey hen that was busily pecking away about 20 feet away from us.  But still, it was fun.  We set up on an overlook and I showed him how to focus on a big water tower, a few houses, etc. that could be seen in the distance.  Then the turkey wandered down below us and he got to spend a little time spying on that as well.

And then we played basketball.  Of course.  (I put the backpack down for that.)

He’s getting better.  He WILL be kicking my ass pretty damned soon.  Uh-oh.


And speaking of the long view, I’ve come to realize (with some help from my lovely wife) that perhaps my career-change goal isn’t reasonable in exactly the time frame I’d like it to be.  Which is, of course, immediately.

It’s a bummer, quite frankly, but I think I have been a little self-delusional about it.  It doesn’t mean I’m giving up on it…it just means it’ll take probably twice as long to get there as I’d hoped.

In the meantime, gotta buckle down a bit on the current one.  Amazing how suddenly that seems like a good idea when you’re not planning on walking out the door soon, huh?

Anyways.  Determination and hope going hand-in-hand is the watchword of the day.  And probably the year.


6 Responses

  1. Determination and hope.
    That was a timely message I needed to read today, so thank you for that. I hope the rest of your work week goes by as quickly and painlessly as possible. I say that because when I woke up this morning it felt like I’d already had a full week of bullshit already then realized it was only Tuesday. Wow.

    You know, I was being completely selfish when I thought of that phrase, but I think it applies trebly to you.

    Determination and Hope, there ya go. Names for your twins, perhaps? (No, not THOSE twins.) Or at least a mantra for when somebody is prodding you with the Wand of Invasion.

  2. I also like the idea of determination and hope, it’s a great mantra.

    I’m feeling some of the same stuff because as you know I want to write a kid’s book at the moment, but since making that decision and actually coming up with some ideas, my work has got really busy and I have no time, ha ha!

    Isn’t it always the way!!!

    I hope it will all come to pass quicker than you think, though Dys is a very smart lady… 😀

    My own determination will have a lot to do with that, so we’ll see, eh?

  3. What?!?!?! You’re not blogging tomorrow?!?!?!

    How rude.

    Juuuuust kiddin’!

    I’m sorry that you’re having to put off some of your goals for just a bit, but it IS only temporary. I’m positive that things will be awesome soon enough.

    “The waiting IS the hardest part…”

    Tom Petty wouldn’t lie to us.

    He’d better not. He told me I belonged among the wildflowers, after all. If that’s not true, that would break my heart.

  4. Life is about re-adjusting sometimes and you CAN do that without “punting” the ball away.

    Keep on the offensive side of the ball and stay on attack.

    Right. I’m audibling out of the shotgun-999 and calling a strongside offtackle.

    I think Maleesha and Crisitunity’s heads just exploded. 😀

  5. Obviously life with a child is different, and I don’t condone what I did but every once in awhile a career change is necessary. Again, I would never recommend anyone do what I did and the way I did it, but I changed my career and I’m much happier now.

    I still think it’s the right idea, it’s just the right idea not to burn any bridges just yet…which is what I was preparing to do. Bad economy to do that in, really, despite any desire I might have.

  6. determination and hope really are two cornerstones of getting things done with a smile! 🙂

    What are the other two cornerstones? Good drugs and regular sex? 😀

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