Quick Hits

The dogwoods are blooming.  It’s official:  Spring Is Here.

Not a moment too soon, either, b’gawd!


Not much going on in TB-world today.  Headachy, still a bit tired.  Dys is still miserably sick, so I slept downstairs last night.  Which isn’t all that bad.  It’s a little cold down there, but a space heater works wonders.  And I get to put on my Opeth to fall asleep, which for some reason doesn’t seem to go over too well with the lovely Mrs.

Plus, to be honest, it’s a little nice every now and then to stretch and have the whole bed to yourself, isn’t it?


Boy and I repeated our walk last night, this time with the basketball.  Big hit.  I tried to teach him some of the lingo of basketball; I also told him his grandpa would be happy to talk to him about it anytime he wanted.  (Dys’s dad was a high school b-ball stud with a few scholarship offers when that little thing in Southeast Asia interfered.)

Little fucker kept traveling like a mother, though.  And the refs were clearly homers.  Never saw it called once.

We passed over the walk to the city overlook this time, though, by his choice.  And I spared him the heavy talk.  In return, he spared me the Oblivion obsession.  Mostly.  He was obviously having fun to drive that out of his head for a while.


I turned in my two brackets for the office pool.  I had the same two teams playing each other in each:  Louisville and North Carolina.  I split the winners.

Hopefully that won’t doom them both to a Sweet 16 loss.  (If that worked, I’d be picking Duke and Memphis to win it all.)


Bound & Gags is awesome for sending me a CD containing the mighty Dread Zeppelin.  (All of my DZ is on cassette.)  Awesome!  Also, I would never have thought I’d like as much Crash Test Dummies as I apparently do.  And I’ve neglected Warren Zevon for far too long.  I still have a lot left to dig into.  Thanks, man!


I will admit, publicly, that all the people who kept calling me an idiot and telling me I should watch Dexter are correct.  2 episodes from the end of the first season and it’s awesome.  I already had a high opinion of Michael C. Hall from Six Feet Under – now I think the man is absolutely the shit.  Awesomeness.  If criminal forensics or murder mysteries interest you at all, get thee to your local DVD purveyor and watch this stuff.


The errand I failed at yesterday has been successfully dealt with.  So I only looked like a dumbass for 18 hours or so.  Not counting how long the blog post sticks around, I guess…

HAH!  Right.  I think the “I am a dumbass” vs. “I am a genius” ratio averages about 5:2.  (But I did totally call the identity of the Ice Truck Killer.  Dys will back me up.  I’m still living off that one to salvage my self-image.)


Lunchtime, and almost tourney time.  May your bracket make you rich!


6 Responses

  1. I LOVE ‘Dexter’. I can’t remember if I was one of the people giving you a hard time about the show or not, but I do remember telling you to watch Six Feet Under, I think. Whatever.

    I checked the first two seasons of ‘Dexter’ out at the library and I’m hooked and (im)patiently waiting for the third to show up!

    Ahhhh Warren Zevon…

    I think you were one of ’em, so bravo to you!

    I checked Amazon – I didn’t see a release date for season 3 yet. Bummer.

    • With me not having cable, the third season could be on RIGHT NOW and I probably wouldn’t know it unless I’d been following an episode guide online somewhere (which I do sometimes).

      I sometimes feel like I’m the Grandpa in ‘The Lost Boys’.

      ‘Read the TV Guide. You don’t need a TV.’ 😀

      3 is over, they’re currently shooting #4. I swear, I really hope this is the real cover image for the DVD, because it is awesome.

  2. I’ve taken a bunch of pictures of the Dogwoods around my neighborhood; they are awesome right now. As is the purple Wisteria, which is my fave.

    I have Dexter on my list of things I want to watch this summer; I know I will love it.

    Azaleas are big on my list, too. They were all over my neighborhood growing up. And there was a beautiful series of them along part of my “pretty route” to work when we lived in Richmond, along River Road. Azaleas on one side, and the falls of the James peeking through the trees on the other. Lovely for a spring morning.

    I bet you’ll love Dexter, too! 😀

  3. I was talking to someone the other day and said David Fisher from Six Feet Under could have been Dexter Morgan with just a little more trauma.

    Someone also got in touch with me a couple months ago all a twitter because Michael Hall married his show sister, Jennifer Carpenter. I calmed them down by telling them it wasn’t a problem. He’s adopted.

    I was getting a little antsy about Dexter with the Ice Box Killer crap. Too many tells and ‘Aww, for shits sake’ moments that I almost gave up on it. I’m glad I didn’t. Seasons 2 & 3 were very good.

    Hey, glad you like the mighty Dread. I saw them live at The Middle East in Cambridge some years ago. Just seeing a fat assed Elvis do Zep in a reggae style was enough.

    What tapes do you have? I have Bar Coda, 5,000,000, and Un-Led-Ed. If you’d like anything you know where I am (which I’m going to fix if you don’t stop looking in the window).

    I know CTD is seen as this one trick pony (when I first heard them it was The Superman Song and I liked it. I got the CD and that ended up being my least favorite) and the voice is overwhelming, but, they always had some interesting lyrical topics (and you know how I like my lyrics! I actually finished ten for a lark). If you’re interested in anything else just scratch on the window.

    As far as Zevon, well, he was a bastard but the boy could write a story. I was with Belzer some years ago listening to him tell stories about touring during the Excitable Boy era. Yikes! Again, if there’s anything you’re interested in I have it all.

    Glad you’re enjoying it. I put a ton of shit I know you’ve never heard and I’m interested to see what you pick out of it. I actually put a few things from one of my all time favorites I’d be interested to see how the kid (or as I call him, my head writer) responds. I’m sure you’ll know what songs they are when they come up but, trust me, they mesmerize an adult audience as much as they ever have kids.

    Woohoo, potential musical overload! I’m jazzed now.

    I know Zevon was a big pal of Hunter Thompson. That says a lot right there, doesn’t it? (Both good and bad.)

    Heh, I totally buy that David Fisher could have turned into Dexter. One bad gay-bashing by a bunch of big stupid jocks in middle school, perhaps, and *SNAP* out come the power tools.

  4. Traveling can be overlooked in his age bracket…I saw the pre-7pm games from a smoke filled bar and made it home in time to watch U of M hold on over Clemson.

    Traveling? He needed a passport! 😀

    How bout them Western Kentucky Hilltoppers? Go Allison!

  5. I have an idea, TB, so email me your address. Yeah, yeah, I had it. Now I don’t. I misplace things. It’s why I keep my marbles in the World Famous Rubber Fish Aquarium. If you don’t know what that is, search it and behold!


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