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Wow.  Last week at work was busy, this is shaping up to be even more so.  Not helped is that my boss is going to be out for the next three days on a business trip, and that my office manager’s alma mater made the NCAA tourney and so she’s headed to the first round games later this week.  If you’re going to the tournament games yourself, let me know, because if you’re rooting for the other team you do NOT want to be within 100 feet of this lady and her posse.  They can be a little bit crazy at times.

And hey, one of my alma maters made it, also!  Go VCU Rams!  Let’s see if we can make it to the Sweet 16, huh?  As for my other alma mater, let’s just agree not to talk about that.


Anyway, since things have been so nutty and I’m actually got to be out of the office quite a bit today (and yesterday) I’m having a little trouble catching up on all my reading.  I think I read all of y’all yesterday but several of you didn’t get the thoughtful comments that you rightly deserve.  (Crisitunity, I’m looking in your direction.)  I’m gonna try to get back with you over the next few days, but if not, bear with me:  I ain’t mad atcha, I promise.


One of our part-time workers, an older fellow, came in yesterday morning and as he passed by my office, said:  “It’s awfully quiet out there today.  What’s going on?”  I answered, “It’s spring break this week.  All the kids are gone.”

He pondered for a second.  “We don’t get spring break?”

“Who, us?  Nah.  We’re already broken.”


The weather today and tomorrow is supposed to be gorgeous, so I’m fairly giddy about that.  Tonight I’m somewhat committed to attending a local death metal show.  That in itself is likely to be quite the trial, since this afternoon’s activities promise to be exhausting on several levels including being on my feet for four or five hours on a concrete floor, which always does a number on my knees and ankles.  Couple that with a five hour or so, six-band metal show of standing on a concrete floor and I’m thinking “OOF.”  But I haven’t seen a live show since October and so I’m looking forward to this.

Given the awesome weather, of course I’m also looking for a repeat of last week’s awesome walk with my son.  It may have to be tomorrow night, though, if the rain forecast for the evening holds off long enough.  And this time we’re taking the basketball.  After yesterday, today, and tonight, and the walk up the hill, my legs will probably be sufficiently dead that his little four-foot butt can outshoot, out-rebound, and just generally outplay me at his leisure.


Speaking of the boy, out of nowhere during the ride to school this morning he says:  “Have a good day at your office today, Dad.  Don’t let the black office bears get you.”

I blinked for a second.  “Well, you have a good day too, son; don’t let the brown school bears get you.”


Don’t let the bears get you today.  Have a good ‘un.


6 Responses

  1. I’m loving the weather here too. Enjoy it! Have fun at the concert.

    Glad you guys are having good weather for all the St. Patty’s Day festivities!

  2. Much better than his usual Oblivionesque obsessive talk, heh. I’ll take it!

    Well, truthfully I think the bears idea came from Oblivion, but at least it’s not so clear-cut. I’ll take it!

  3. Oh, to work in a place where the NCAA tourney is an excuse for taking off work. However, I have a wild guess at her alma mater, and if it is what I think it is, she’s in the right state to use it as an excuse.

    Your son is awesome.

    We tend to watch the games over lunch, at the very least, and sometimes more than that, on the little TV in one of our conference rooms. Supposedly a few years ago (shortly before I started here) we actually had students in the room next door come in to complain about the noise we were making while watching this school’s team in the tourney. Our then-boss apologized, then came back in saying, “What the hell are they thinking, studying while the game is on?!?”

    Our current boss is similarly laid back. At her last place of employment, HER boss typically left one person in the office to hold the fort and answer the phone and took everybody else back to his house to watch.

    Whatever complaints I may have about my job, I heart my coworkers.

  4. We crapped out against Mississippi State the first game of the play-offs. Typical Gamecock fuckery.
    Today’s weather totally makes up for the last five days; I can’t WAIT to get out of here, go home and take doggie for a walk! What is the name of the band you’re seeing? Brian took me to see Cannibal Corpse once and I surprisingly liked it a lot.
    Maybe your son was thinking of Alaska today too – BEARS! Or maybe I’m just projecting.
    Have a good time tonight!

    I hate it when my team loses in the first round. That’s what Virginia did. And coincidentally, we’re now seeking a new head coach.

    Today’s weather looks even better! Woo!

  5. I am plotting a Thursday or Friday annual afternoon escape with a “friend” of mine. We find the worst DIVE in town that has the BB package and watch the games there with drunks with no teeth. It is much better than the sports bar scene.

    The gambling action is probably better, too, if you’re so inclined.

  6. Very cute bear dialogue 🙂

    He’s a cute little dude. All the more reason to enjoy it while I can!

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