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Super Geek Cred

This morning I was getting dressed in the mostly-dark bedroom and talking to Dys who lay in bed just before she got up.  I was telling her about the dream I’d had last night.

In the dream, I had written some fan mail to the Mythbusters, and they replied.  Actually, they sent me my original letter back, with comments written in ink and/or pencil on the original letter and on the back of the page.  (Including a few notes from an intern or mail clerk or whoever to Jamie like “Do you want to answer this?”)  Highly cool and highly amusing stuff.   But that wasn’t all.

They actually sent a box of fan mail letters like that.  Mine was one of many that they’d answered in similar fashion, and I guess they’d sent copies to each of us.  Completely illogical, as I even thought in my dream, but somehow cool as well.

To one-up even that, though, was a typed letter from Jamie and Adam addressed to myself and a handful of names that I didn’t recognize.  In the letter, they explain that they’re looking for new myths to test and are recruiting us for help.  Each named person was assigned to go out and find myths related to specific subjects (maybe for a themed show?).

My subject was spy/intelligence-related myths.  I don’t remember exactly how they phrased it, but I came away thinking that I was supposed to dig up a few conspiracy-theory type myths about how weird devices or techniques used during the Cold War intelligence buildup affected people in weird ways.  Like spy satellites interfering with radio transmissions or implanting suggestions in someone’s brain or that sort of thing.  At least that’s what I remember thinking when I woke up.

I also got to be on-site as the team was goofing around in preparation for debunking some myth about hotel plumbing systems.  I remember Jamie looking out a second-floor motel window as Adam messed around with a storm drain in an attempt to annoy Jamie by making the plumbing in that room’s toilet do weird things.

All in all, highly strange.  (Although at least I wasn’t teaching a class with Muppets.  Lesson to Crisitunity:  Don’t eat whatever that was before bedtime anymore.)

So I’m standing there, buttoning my shirt and finishing explaining this all to Dys, who blinks sleepily for a second and says:  “Wow.  You even dream in Geek.”


10 Responses

  1. OMG, I’m so jealous. I LOVE those Mythbusters guys! That’s better than the dream I had last night which was about my (dead) grandfather and one of our friends making a drug deal. WTF?
    So I guess you dream in geek and I dream in druggie. Great.

    I think anything that includes dead grandparents earns a mulligan.

    • It’s the drugs you’re hopped up on, dude. Hormone dreams are waaay crazier than acid trips!

      Here is where I smile and nod.

      • Feh. And you said you never tried pot…

        You talkin’ to her or me? In my case, the “smile and nod” was “and politely pretend you have a vague clue of what they’re talking about.” Heh.

  2. Stranger than dreaming in geek in the first place: It turned me on. I have SUCH a fetish for Smart. 😉

    Damn it, why didn’t you say something? Well…probably a good thing, we were running a little late already…

  3. Me too!
    And Dys, I think you should get the t-shirt I saw the other day that said “Talk Nerdy to Me.”

    Heh, I’ve almost bought that for her before, but then she’d be gettin’ hit on and we’ve established that I’m the jealous one…

  4. I got Jina a “I ❤ Geeks” shirt. It’s her favorite. The one she got me? “Girl Scouts Gone Wild”. Go figure.

    Anyway, it could be that my head is so congested that normal thoughts are impossible but your dream sounds completely rational to me.

    It could happen! BWAH! 😉

    Going back to bed now.

    Heh. Y’all gals are crazy.

    Hope you feel better soon!

  5. Hey, it’s not my fault. You’re the one who was teaching in a motorcycle helmet. And I like eating deep-fried whole onions covered in mustard and dunked in molasses.

    Okay, no, that sounds disgusting.

    Yeah, that made me cringe, too.

    As for teaching in the helmet, I’m just reminded of that clip from the intro to Mythbusters where Jamie’s in the big firesuit and saying “I like it in here. It’s private.”

  6. As long as Jamie and Adam had their clothes on…we are alright here. I would think the best kind of letters to get back form them would have burned ash all over them. Since we have the TiVo…we have caught up with EVERY Mythbusters episode for the past couple of months…I am suprised I am not having those dreams.

    I’m jealous. I’ve missed several recently.

    Burned ash on them? Heh. And smell like Adam’s singed eyebrows.

  7. That’s too funny. Good thing your dreams don’t combine. It would have been odd to see it mixed with another one of your favorites to make Six Mythbusters Under.

    Well, there’s only 5 of them now that Scottie’s gone. And I could never bury Kari. Mmm, Kari.

    I thought you were gonna say that I was wearing my helmet and talking to Jamie and Adam in a Muppet voice.

  8. > Well, there’s only 5 of them
    > now that Scottie’s gone.
    Boy, the geek doesn’t fall far from the geekitorium, eh? Sorry ‘reality’ got in the way of my stupid joke. Now I’m glad I didn’t stick a Scrubs reference in there. You’da quite possibly tossed a nutty.

    > And I could never bury Kari. Mmm, Kari.
    Okay, so you’re a geek with good taste.

    > I thought you were gonna say that I was
    > wearing my helmet and talking to Jamie
    > and Adam in a Muppet voice.
    Uh, TB? You told me not to say anything about that, remember? You even chased me out of the house with a giant Acme magnet to munge the video tape.

    Geez, just what I get for keeping my word and holding my tongue.

    I didn’t want you to implicate yourself. I was trying to spare you the horrible shame.

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