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An eagerly awaited “WOOHOO!”

One of my few real friends in the world called me last night.  He’s been planning a trip out to see us later this spring, which would be our first meeting in a few years.  We’re looking forward to it, of course, even Boy, who mainly remembers him as that funny guy who used to juggle.

We’re having intermittent problem with our cordless phones, so Dys was working in one room and I was watching cartoons with Boy in the other, we were both grabbing for the phone and hitting the “talk” button and neither of us got through.  D’oh!

We ended up letting the machine get it.  I was in the midst of telling Dys I probably wouldn’t call him back last night but would email him today to tell him about our phone trouble when his voice came through on the answering machine.  I heard the word “engaged” and went back out to the other room to Dys, holding both horns up and saying “hell yeah, I’m calling him back tonight!”

Dys made me hold the phone over to her so she could “woohoo” at him, too.

Long story short, our friend has had some lady troubles in the past.  It’s been frustrating for Dys and I, because we regard him as one of the best people we’ve ever known, and we’ve always believed he deserved someone fantastic.  I remember not long afterward that he talked about becoming friends with this girl who worked in the lab with him.  Nothing but friendship, of course.  He was still figuring things out after the breakup, and she was with someone else.  But then we started getting little emails and phone calls about his group of friends hanging out, and this girl was there.  Then maybe they were going to room together.  And then finally they’re dating?  And then they move in together?  From everything we’d heard about this gal, our reaction was:  “awesome.”

It’s been a few years…stressful years for them, as they’ve both been moving through PhD’s in the sciences with all the attending frustrations of the job market, the laboratory, and the academic publishing presses.  But they’ve stuck it out and from everything we’ve known been happy together doing it.

My friend put his final, big paper out earlier this month and it’s been a huge load off his mind.  His girlfriend then came to him and presented him with a gift:  he calls it his “engagement whiskey decanter.”  (Spot anything we have in common yet?)  She popped the question to him.  Seems she’d been waiting for him to have this stress behind him.  It worked. He readily accepted.

“Being with her is unlike any other relationship I’ve ever had,” he said to me last night, in the unmistakable tones of a man who’s blubberingly, happily in love.  Bravo, says I, bravo.

So, a long-awaited and more importantly well-deserved congratulations to Michael and Eva.  May this be the start of something long and beautiful for the two of you.


11 Responses

  1. 😀 I love it when girls propose to guys! That’s wonderful. I’m happy for your friends, and I’m happy for you guys and your upcoming visit! Now, if we could just get you down to Arizona… or, heck, us up there. 😀

    The former sounds good now, the latter will sound better in a few months!

  2. Man. I’m one of “those” people, bracketing my comments with a pair of smiley faces. Yeesh.

    Engagement is a “squee” moment. You’re forgiven.

  3. Since I do live in one of the redneckiest states of all, I’ll modify my “woohoo” to a “yeeehaaaw!”
    I didn’t do the *actual* proposing in our case, but I was the one who got the ball rolling. One day after we’d lived together for two years, I said “So are we ever getting married or what?” A trip home to procure his great-grandmother’s ring and a few months later, he asked me to marry him. So I guess you could say I proposed the proposal. SOMEONE’S gotta get things done around here!

    I think we did the sudden “You like that diamond? So, should I buy it? Like, now?” thing and did the actual proposal later. I dunno, that year or so is kinda a blur for me!

  4. My wife held a shotgun to me to get married…now she does it for an entirely different reason. Kids love juggling!!!

    When she takes one hand off the gun to toss you another plate to juggle, make a break for it!

  5. Great story. Glad it has a happy ending.

    I’ve been with my girlfriend for nine years. One day we’re in a liquor store (further solidifying why we’re pals, eh, TB?) and she’s giving me shit. Friendly joshing so I turn to the counter guy, who knows us pretty well, for support and he says,

    “Well, you married her!”

    “I wouldn’t marry him,” she says.

    And she’s serious. She did it once and, just like getting bite by a bear, sometimes once is enough.

    Th guy was speechless. Her response was so instantaneous it about knocked him off his pins. She explained that it was nothing personal, just that she didn’t much care for institutions.

    Who was it that said something like “Marriage is an institution and I prefer not to be institutionalized” ?

  6. I don’t know who said that one, but Jon Bon Jovi once said “Marriage is an institution and I’m much too young to go into an institution!”

    Yes, I’m a fan.

    Not the hugest Bon Jovi fan, but that’s definitely a good one! (Okay, so I owned Slippery When Wet. Big deal. I think it was issued to all us white kids when we entered eighth grade.)

  7. That’s wonderful- I hope they’ll have a long and happy marriage.

    I don’t know if i’ll ever get married- not my decision, and I’ll never 100% give up hope that one day he’ll surprise me, but every year that passes makes it seem less likely, and it doesn’t bother me any more like it used to. 🙂 Different strokes for different folks, I guess!

    He’d been engaged before, so I knew the big M was in his future if the time and the person were right. I’m really happy for him. That said, I don’t think a few words and a piece of paper make a great relationship. I have every bit as much respect for people who stay together over the long haul, no matter what their legal status. 🙂

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  9. […] try to come out in the spring, we were all for it.  When he told us a few weeks ago that he was getting engaged, we were definitely looking forward to meeting the future […]

  10. […] A five-day April trip for all three of us to San Francisco to our friend Michael’s wedding.  Two full days on a plane with a ten-year-old, five days in the kennel for the pupster, expensive […]

  11. […] Posted on April 8, 2010 by Taoist Biker Next Wednesday the three of us leave for California and the wedding of our good friend Michael.  We get back on Monday, I go to work on Tuesday, and then on that […]

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