A Sunny Day

It’s cold, but it is sunny.

I’ve got four bubble-wrap envelopes in my car with Sunny Mix cds on the inside and addresses on the outside.  And I’m headed for the post office on my way home from work.  Woohoo!

And speaking of sunny, this story kinda makes my day.

And that’s about all I have to say so far today.  [/Gump]


4 Responses

  1. *Sobbing loud enough to wake the dog*
    As if I wasn’t a hormonal psycho already today (see blog), that one got me. But damn, it’s so nice reading something like that amid all the cheating, steroid-use, pot-smoking Olympic swimmers and all the usual sports news – it’s nice knowing true sportsmanship (and morals) still exist out there. Thank you for that…*sniffle*

    Beats the hell out of that team that won the game 100-0 or whatever, huh?

  2. I heard that yesterday. Pretty damn classy!

    On a personal note, yea envelopes!

    “Aw yeah” on both counts.

  3. Dang. So good to hear something positive like that. Looking foward to the CD!

    It’s on its way!

  4. This is an excellent point ot make for those who say that all sports are bad. There are good people and to be found everywhere…thanks for the reminder.

    You would know, coach!

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