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OOF.  Still.  I don’t remember the last time I was this sore on the second day after a workout.  Yesterday my chest wasn’t sore at all; today it’s torturous.  The hell?!?  And that’s after I got up at 1:30 this morning to take ibuprofen before I went back to bed.  Eesh.  Welcome to Suckywussville, population:  me.


Dys, Boy and I went out to dinner last night.  It was awesome.  Mmm.  Woodford.  Mmm.  Steak. *drools*


I still haven’t mailed out the Sunny Mix discs yet – I would do it today on the way home but I left the damned discs at home.  Duh, dumbass!  I’m going to try to get it done tomorrow or Saturday.


I’m a little bummed that, through no fault of ours or IMS, our MotoGP tickets just lost a little bit of luster.  To cut costs, the GP governing body has cut back from 3 practices to 2 (not counting qualifying and warm-ups the morning before the race), so instead of motorcycles hitting the track by 9am on Friday mornings of a race weekend, they’ll first rev up on Friday afternoon.

The real bummer is that I thought Friday morning this year would be the best time to get in position to take pictures – before the big crowds showed up on Saturday, and if possible before it got too hot on Friday afternoon.  (Last year’s race was mid-September, this year’s will be the end of August.  Prepare for a scorcher.)

Don’t get me wrong…better to cut costs and continue to have GP as a viable entity than to have it go under, as it sometimes appears is possible.  The economy in general sucks, but the motorcycle industry in particular is in a tailspin…in a bad economy, how many bikes get sold?  Yeah.  Exactly.  And when you have a prototype, non-production-based racing class, you’ve basically created a cash vacuum for the factories.  It becomes hard to justify it.  It sucks for the factories, but it really sucks for us fans.  So I’ll suck it up and smile on Friday morning when the bikes aren’t whizzing by.  Hopefully the mornings will be roarin’ again in a year or three.


And speaking of motorcycles, on my way home last night I saw one of a motorcyclist’s worst nightmares:  a woman driving her car at 50mph on a 4-lane highway during rush hour traffic while applying mascara. Just typing the sentence gives me that “imminent crash” feeling in my gut.  What the hell?  You can’t wake up, or leave work, or whatever that extra 180 seconds earlier and put on your makeup before you leave?  When you get there?  Anyplace but in your damned car?!?



4 Responses

  1. I will NEVER understand the need to apply makeup whilst driving. Ever. EVER! It irritates the heck out of me. I never understand why it can’t wait until they pull into the parking lot or SOMETHING.

    I was almost run over while on my motorcycle by a guy who was on his cell phone (not hands free), eating a Big Mac (I got a real close look at it) and steering with his knee.

    Yep, that’s another good one. If you’re a good driver, you can drive and do ONE other activity requiring little concentration. Pick one.

    And that’s if you’re good. Which, in the saddle of a motorcycle, you assume of NOBODY within a two-mile radius.

  2. GAH, it’s women like that who give female drivers a bad name. One of these days I’m going to get a beat up old truck and put one of those brush guard ramming thingies on the front of it and just shove asstards off the road where I see fit.

    WOOHOO! I call shotgun!

  3. And it’s usually ugly women putting the make-up on too. It’s like why bother, you stupid bitch.

    I didn’t get a good look at this chick, but if she’s stupid and/or inconsiderate enough to put on makeup while driving, she’s automatically ugly. Even if she looks like Janine.

  4. I saw a guy in a Jaguar with a map and a magnifying glass trying to find directions while behind the wheel last night. I stared at him and unless I missed it, he didn’t look up for a good eight seconds…I could have missed him when I looked forward. Think of all the trouble that can happen in eight seconds at 55 mph…it is incredible…and if you have a Jag, why not invest in a GPS?

    Okay, I now officially have the heebie jeebies. Damn, that makes me cringe.

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