Prepare for major OOF

First a couple of quick-hittish things, because they’re too funny not to share:

*  My son is a walking cure for insomnia, I swear.  It never fails.  He says, “Dad, come here and let’s watch TV together.”  He curls up beside me, and BAM I’m out like a light.  On the bright side, thanks to that I got a good 8.5-9 hours of sleep last night.

*  On the way in to the office this morning, I heard what sounded like a woman’s voice over a loudspeaker.  This being highly unusual, especially at 8am, I started to wonder what was up.  It took me a second to realize that the sound was coming from a truck about 70 yards ahead.  It had a back-up alarm that was a recording of a woman’s voice saying:  “Attention!  This guy is backing up!”

Awesome.  Much less annoying than the standard BEEEEEP BEEEEEP, and effective to boot.


Okay, now that that’s out of the way, the real news for the day:  I’m heading back to the gym this evening for the first time in at least a year or so.  Hence the title of today’s post.

My last big weight-lifting jag was designed to get me up from my then-weight of 185 to about 190-195.  I wanted to put on some muscle mass while I was still young enough to do so.  Well, I did, but not as well as I might have hoped.  And by changing to a mass-gaining diet, I kinda sorta set the stage for the extra 10 pounds I added on afterward, and that my time in the pool last summer really didn’t address like I wanted.

So this time my plan is to start out somewhat slowly on the weights (it HAS been a year) but gradually working toward a more varied workout than the more powerlifting routine I had last time.  And to go back to doing 30m of cardio at the end of each workout, followed by some stretching.  That’s what got me down from 185-190 to about 175 over 2006.  (Well, that and our Bad Time pretty much keeping my appetite down and fueling my anger that I worked through on the bench.  But anyway.)

This sucks for many reasons, not least of which is that I hate hate hate going into a gym, even “my” old gym, feeling like a beginner and sure as hell looking like one.  A lardassed one at that.

I also have a hard time starting over again because I have a hard time not remembering my previous abilities and thinking that’s “where I should be.”  And yeah, it would be a lot less of an ego-crusher to walk into a gym mostly full of strangers if I could still pull off three 6-rep deadlift sets at my old level, but that sure as hell ain’t gonna happen today.  If I’m lucky I’ll do one-rep sets at that weight by the end of the month.

Just getting into the mindset is going to be tough.  Hell, I dug out my old gym bag and had to pull out my lock and try to remember the combination.  It turns out I had it right the first time, but it still took a couple of tries to convince me.

I also apparently buggered up my old mp3 player fairly well when we finally put all our music on Dys’s new Apple and I tried to reload it from there.  It doesn’t work too well with Apples, I guess.  I tried to delete files, and they apparently didn’t delete, but now the standard computer won’t read it at all.  It gives me a “bad disk” message.  And I was pissed off all that time our mp3’s were locked up on the old hard drive that we weren’t using and so I couldn’t update my player?  Welp, now it’s pretty much permanent.  Good thing there’s a lot of my favorite workout music on here, huh?  (Also, possibly time for a new player.  This one is so old that when my in-laws gave it to me for Christmas, it cost them over $200.  It’s a 1gb SanDisk.  I’m pretty sure they come in boxes of Cracker Jacks these days.)

I couldn’t find my headphones this morning, so I dug around the house quickly (we were nearing the running-late threshold) and all I could find was the earplug-style headphones we bought for Boy for Christmas, thinking he’d love them, and he’s steadily ignored since then.  So I snagged ’em for the day, at least.  If I like ’em a lot, I guess I’ll buy him a new pair.

Anyways, don’t feel sorry for me today.  I fully deserve the ego-shrivelling session ahead of me this afternoon.  But it’s okay if you feel just a little bit sorry for me tomorrow, when I wince when I sit down, stand up, or try to raise my arms over my head.

Many “oof’s” ahead.

*Edit:  For the record, I think 185 is a good weight for me.  I considered 175 my “fighting weight” even when I was an undergrad and my weight was below that number.  According to the BMI charts, anything over 165 is overweight for my height.  Conclusion:  the BMI charts are stooooopid. End of rant.


5 Responses

  1. Good luck tonight, babe. 🙂 I’m sure it will feel good in a really horrible sort of way!

    FYI, the BMI charts say that I should weigh 145. Remember those pictures you saw of me where you said I looked scary, ghostly, and like I could just spontaneously snap in half? I weighed 165, lol.

    Y’all take my word for it, she did look like she’d just break in two. Exhibit #2 in The People Vs. The BMI Charts.

    Thanks for the well-wishes, babe.

  2. Yeah for the weight lifting…baby steps. It has to be similar to me running, except there really isn’t anyone looking at my watch. Stepping in the gym and knowing that people do notice the weight you are lifting has to be hard to get past…it is different for us guys. It has to be like stepping on a scale to a woman.

    As far as the back up alarm, they should try using my wife’s voice…it can be more annoying that any “BEEP”

    I wish I could say I don’t notice the weight people are lifting, but I do…so I know others do. I think it’s part of that innate male ranking-self-compared-to-others behavior. I like to believe I’m more immune to that than the average bear, but I’m clearly still not completely immune.

  3. Good God, another friend of mine started back at the gym today too! Except she went at 5:30 in the morning before work, so by the time I rolled my lazy ass in at 8:00, there was already a peppy/happy email from her.
    It’s like somebody’s trying to tell me something but I can’t hear them over my chewing of these Girl Scout cookies.

    GS cookies? You win.

    I just prefer to work out then go home and shower. I tend to more or less waste myself in a workout at least two or three times a month, minimum, and it would suck to have to go through a whole day at work unable to, say, walk or move my arms.

    That and I have the common dislike of gym showers. Ew. At least the ones at the pool were pretty much brand-spankin’ new. The new gym here is about 20 years old…and I work out in the old gym. I think that place is ’30s vintage. No thanks.

  4. I’ve just started exercising in earnest for my run in May…it’s not easy! Good luck!

    My son Robbie is the same in terms of making me sleepy. Ricky never sits on my knee or beside me any more, so doesn’t have the same effect, lol!

    I run only in emergencies. 😀

    Not long after I first started working here, we were talking about security issues in and around the office, and one coworker pointed at a coworker and I and said “If I had to, I’d fight [other coworker] and run away from you.” Considering the other guy bicycles to work every day and I’m…well, me, I said, “Good plan.”

  5. I’ve been bad about the gym for the past couple of months. I was doing pretty well though. I just hate when I’m kicking my own ass and the scale does NOT move the way I want it to. I had to lay off the weights for a while and just concentrate on different cardio workouts because (and I know this is going to sound stupid) I have almost too much muscle base, which is supposed to be good…but it’s not really working with my goals. I just have to get the fat from over the top of it! 🙂


    There comes a point at which the measuring tape is a more realistic measure than the scale, but I know what you mean. There can come a point at which your muscle base is increasing but not in the way you want. Not everybody has bodybuilder/fitness model genetics.

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