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Wind gusts up to 50-70mph are forecast here this afternoon. With trees weakened, many branches still hanging loose in the treetops, and the soil still really damp and soft, they’re predicting more power outages here.  One faculty member here that I think is particularly awesome just called in to ask a question and said his power was out – a limb fell on his service line.  Didn’t take it down, but the limb caught fire and they had to cut his power.

Dys just spent $300 at the grocery store on Sunday to replace all our lost groceries and stock us up for the rest of the month.

Fuck me swingin’.


Speaking of which, I realized while I was walking to my car at the end of the day yesterday what an utter ass I made of myself in my Chainsaw Date post.  “Hi, it’s me!  I did something nice for my neighbor but I don’t need to tell her about it.  Just, you know, the entire internet, so they all know what a good person I am.  Wheee!”

I hope at least one or two of you gave me the well-deserved “jackass” under your breath.  Or over your breath. Sheesh, I’m an idiot sometimes.


My son’s usual ride to school was home tending to sick kids this morning, so I gave him a lift.  When I got there, his math and literacy teacher greeted me.  “[Boy] has been keeping me up to date with the video game your family has been playing.  He said yesterday he’d been killing rats in the sewers?  And your wife is the best player in the family?”

Uh, yeah.  Heh.  Hope he didn’t tell you too much about my varied assassinations.


Finally, I did a big favor for someone here at the college last year.  It wasn’t HUGE on my part, but it sure was HUGE on theirs.  I wasn’t terribly enthused about it at the time, but they really needed the help so I smiled and did it.  And they were so grateful for it that I felt bad about being inwardly grumpy to begin with.

Well, long story short the culmination of the big favor was this past Monday.  They thanked me by giving me something.  A few years back that office was going to have an event, but I guess it never really came together or if it did was not NEARLY as successful as it should have been, because they had two huge boxes full of t-shirts still.  They gave me a couple of t-shirts.  Which was pretty cool – because the event was going to be a poker run.

They also asked if I knew anyone who rode motorcycles.  “Uh, yeah,”  I said.  “My father-in-law does.  I used to, but I crashed my bike a few years ago and still haven’t gotten another one.”  “Close enough,” said the lady.  And she gave me one of the poker run prizes that they still had left:   a helmet.  Brand spankin’ new, in the box.  It’s branded with Harley-Davidson logos, but looking at the tags it looks like it was made by Shoei – my guess is that they gave me somewhere between $150 and $500.  Probably $300 or so.  And it actually fits me.

I was floored.  Sometimes doing nice things for people really pays off.


8 Responses

  1. Wicked. Now you need a motorcycle to go with your helmet. ( :: Ducks the rock Dys just threw at me :: )

    Heh. It’ll be a long time before I think about really buying a Harley. I like ’em, really, but my next bike will probably be a sport-touring bike. Won’t stop me from wearing the helmet, though.

  2. Um. That was supposed to be “ducks”. Darn emoticons.

    Me fix up purdy for yew.

  3. That neighbor story didn’t strike me as you bragging about it; I didn’t whisper “Jackass” to myself while reading it. I was mostly just thinking it’s cool neighbors still do stuff for each other like this. My man spent two hours last weekend cutting and cleaning limbs out of the yard of our older lady next door neighbor. We need more stories like this!

    We need more out of yours truly. I’ve been a fairly withdrawn and uninvolved neighbor for too long, I think.

  4. I thought the same thing as Kim, and was unsurprised that you’re a nice man, which is why I didn’t say anything. I also thought it was a bummer that you didn’t get to have a moment of glowing with generosity when she thanked you.

    I guess is just popped into my head that it was a bit hypocritical for me to publicly say that I did an anonymous good deed. Hypocrisy is one of those things that I dislike so much that I especially despise it in myself, so maybe I’m a little harder on myself on that account.

  5. ::jackass::

    Heehee… 😉


  6. Just what you need…power outages.

    You should have a plan for what you would do in such a scenario…

    Oh Wait! You just did it!

    Happy to report, no power outages! A few blinks, enough to make us nervous and to dig out the rechargable lantern, but no outages. About 30k people DID lose power, though. Again. Those poor people – and to a slightly lesser extent, those poor line workers from the power company. They JUST finished getting the power back on to the last few people from two weeks ago.

  7. I didn’t think you were an ass of any kind reading the nice thing you did for your neighbor. I thought you were just relating a story from your day.

    But, reading today, I’m of a different mindset. Let me ‘splain.

    You go out of your way to point out you felt like ‘an idiot sometimes’ for telling the world what a great guy you are. Okay, many people have human feelings.

    Many people also learn from them.

    My altered thoughts came from a line written in your own personal typing today that said, ‘. . .I did a big favor for someone here. . .’

    What a great little TB! I’d pat you my own durn self on that helmeted head of yours if you were near!

    Can y’all come over and get the rats outta my sewers? I’ll make sure to tell everyone about it!

    Heheh, I’d send my son instead.

  8. I hope you escaped any power outages. That’s very cool about the helmet!

    We escaped this last round. Whew!

    And the new helmet even has enough room for my glasses – my old one only fit if I wore classes that were quite close to my head. Score!

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