Monday Music

I’ve been holding back on announcing the release of the Sunny Mix cds.  After a long review period I ended up with more songs to remove than to add to the list.  So after a bit of thinking about what to do, I made a last-minute decision to make an additional purchase or two, and boy I’m glad I did.

Sneak peek – now this will be added to the list.

Social Distortion, “Ball and Chain”

[I hate disabled embedding, and I couldn’t find a live version I was terribly happy with.  Oh well.]

Seriously, I may try to convince my brother to have his bluegrass band play this tune.  I think it would be teh awesum.


5 Responses

  1. Aaahhh Mike Ness! Love love love Social D.

    I’m ashamed to say I didn’t own any until Friday. I was getting used to “Story of My Life” on Guitar Hero, and “I Was Wrong” on Rock Band, and said “This is stupid, I should order these discs and put those songs on the Sunny Mix.”

    Then I was listening to the track previews and it was like I remembered whole parts of the 90s that I’d forgotten. “Oh so THAT’S who did that cover of ‘Ring of Fire!’ And they did THAT song too? Hell, I love that tune!”

  2. You know, I’m somewhat saddened when I hear that. I guess what counts the most is that people get exposed to the music at all but…I dunno. 😦

    It’s the equivalent of my music instructor getting irritated with us because we recognized classic pieces of music and opera from commercials and cartoons.

    I heard a dj on the radio go completely off around Christmas about his distaste for Rock Band and Guitar Hero and what’s the other one? Wii Music? Understandably, he was far more irritated than I ever would be because he’s a musician and music teacher in addition to being a radio personality.

    He cracked me up when he said he was going to refuse further instruction to the next kid that told him “This song is a lot easier to play on Guitar Hero”. Hahaha!

    I think the RB/Guitar Hero craze is, overall, good for music. It brings a connection to the music that’s somewhere between listening to it and actually (fo’ realz) playing it, and I have to believe that that connection actually becomes a bridge between the two for some that might otherwise not have found one.

    Aside from that, I’ve found it’s pretty cool for isolating parts of a song. If you’re playing bass, the bass track is a little louder than the rest. I’ve noticed nuances in some separate parts that way that I might never have picked up without that help.

    Ultimately though it’s just a different way to make music fun. I play RB pretty often, but it’s still no substitute for picking up the guitar and actually playing it, and I mean that from a visceral point rather than a technical one.

  3. I’ve never heard of them. I saw the name and I was expecting some screaming industrial metal type music, but I was surprised. Not bad.

    This song in particular is sometimes described as “cowpunk.” Pretty accurate, I’d say.

  4. Their Greatest Hits CD is a nice introduction to them…ITunes is always cool and I would recommend.

    Dont Take me for Granted and Story of My Life to go along with Ball and Chain…after those three you should be hooked..

    I saw the Greatest Hits thing but also saw that many of their classics were re-recorded for that collection, and I’m a bit of a purist for that sort of thing. I can’t TELL you how pissed off I was to find out that my CD copy of “Blizzard of Ozz” had the bass and drum parts re-recorded. Damn Sharon.

  5. I just checked my IPod…Ring of Fire is cool too. Those the four that are in my rotation regularly…

    I’m definitely also digging on “Down Here (With the Rest of Us).”

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