Mad Lib – MTAE

More Than An Electrician stepped up with this one…


Riding safety

The [sweaty balls] given below are applicable for every day [fungus] use and should be carefully [regurgitated] for [swanky] and [repugnant] vehicle operation.

A motorcycle does not provide the impact protection of an [outhouse], so defensive riding in addition to wearing [knee pads] is extremely [disgusting]. Do not let [parachute pants] give you a false sense of security.

When [wallowing] the [ear wax], use both the front and rear [knockers]. Applying only one brake for sudden braking may cause the motorcycle to [sweat] and lose [pig shit].

Riding at the [astounding] rate of speed and avoiding [slovenly] fast acceleration are important not only for safety and low fuel consumption but also for [puzzling] vehicle life and quieter [dartboard].

When riding in [disturbing] conditions or on loose [teeth], the ability to [exfoliate] will be [impaled].  All of your actions should be [wobbly] under these conditions.  Sudden acceleration, braking or [struggling] may cause loss of control.

When the [headboard] is wet, rely more on the throttle to control [knee pad] speed and less on the front and rear brakes. The throttle should also be used [unnaturally] to avoid [sweating] the rear wheel from too rapid acceleration or deceleration. On rough roads, exercise [cheese], slow down, and grip the [mailbox] with your [dingleberries] for better stability.

When quick acceleration is necessary as in [dying], shift to a lower gear to obtain the necessary power. Do not [cleave] at too high an r.p.m. to avoid damage to the engine from overreving.

Do not exceed the [malodorous] speed limit or drive too fast for existing [monkeys]. High speed increases the influence of any [ceiling tiles] affecting stability and the loss of control.

Operate motorcycle only at [homely] speed and out of [tails] until you have become thoroughly [nauseating] with its operation and handling characteristics under all conditions.

This is a very high performance motorcycle, designed and intended for use by experienced careful [razors] only!


4 Responses

  1. Who would have known that I was capable of such creative work?!?!?!

    Not the crowd at the comedy club! *rimshot* 😀

  2. Who would have known he was capable of starting it off with sweaty balls?

    Yeah, I guess you’re right, just about everyone.

    I guess we should count our blessings he didn’t go with ginger balls.

    Or Chocolate Salty Balls

  3. Hahahahahaha. Brilliant!

    Do we toast each other like in that beer commercial? I’m down with that.

  4. Hmmm, I wonder what it means that I also included balls. Balls must just be applicable to many situations for many people.

    SO many jokes here that I just went into brain lock.

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