Mad Lib – Laura

Laura’s was a little less adolescent than MTAE’s or Kim’s (or mine, had I done one.)

I know, I’m kinda surprised, too!


Riding safety

The [bags] given below are applicable for every day [cousin] use and should be carefully [fell] for [crooked] and [slippery] vehicle operation.

A motorcycle does not provide the impact protection of a [barn], so defensive riding in addition to wearing [underpants] is extremely [chubby]. Do not let [socks] give you a false sense of security.

When [yelling] the [lighters], use both the front and rear [suppositories]. Applying only one brake for sudden braking may cause the motorcycle to [glitter] and lose [lollipop].

Riding at the [hungry] rate of speed and avoiding [bravely] fast acceleration are important not only for safety and low fuel consumption but also for [yellow] vehicle life and quieter [mastodon].

When riding in [creepy] conditions or on loose [bulldogs], the ability to [sashay] will be [wrecked].  All of your actions should be [crazy] under these conditions.  Sudden acceleration, braking or [laughing] may cause loss of control.

When the [policewoman] is wet, rely more on the throttle to control [Camaro] speed and less on the front and rear brakes. The throttle should also be used [greedily] to avoid [undulating] the rear wheel from too rapid acceleration or deceleration. On rough roads, exercise [ball peen hammer], slow down, and grip the [panda] with your [feet] for better stability.

When quick acceleration is necessary as in [bouncing], shift to a lower gear to obtain the necessary power. Do not [wiggle] at too high an r.p.m. to avoid damage to the engine from overreving.

Do not exceed the [loud] speed limit or drive too fast for existing [oysters]. High speed increases the influence of any [telephone] affecting stability and the loss of control.

Operate [towel] only at [sticky] speed and out of traffic until you have become [lustfully] [naughty] with its operation and handling characteristics under all conditions.

This is a very high performance motorcycle, designed and intended for use by experienced careful [whips] only!


3 Responses

  1. Adolescent?

    Well…you suck! 🙂

  2. Yes, MTAE, but yours was so much more entertaining! I do feel that I can take away a life lesson from this, though. I’ll be sure to never let my socks give me a false sense of security. Heh.

    Or your parachute pants.

  3. When the policewoman is wet…

    Wow. I may have to go try to find some Mad Libs today. It’ll perk up the boring party I’m going to tonight.

    Where did you find them; I haven’t seen them in a long time.

    The wet policewoman reminded me of a Chili Peppers song…

    I didn’t find this one, I saw the reference to Mad Libs and decided to make one. I just had to think up what I wanted to use for the source material, then went in and replaced certain words with [NOUN] or [VERB], counted up at the end, and posted the list. It’s a little bit of a PITA but not much.

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