Quick hits

One decision partially made…we’ve made a tentative commitment to enroll our son into the Catholic school next year.  I’m nervous, of course, but also a bit relieved to have taken a step.


A classic European metal band is reunited, and playing in my town next month!  Woo!  Which reminds me, I still have to write up that concert I attended in October.  It just never seems a good time.


I have two completed Mad Libs that I planned to post today – I still will if I get the chance, but wow I’ve been busy.


The Destroyer pedal arrived last night.  I am in love.  “Playing this thing makes me notice just how much flex both the stock pedal and the Rhythm Rocker had,” I said to Dys.  “This sucker doesn’t give!”

“But the floor does,” she said.  “You’re shaking the sofa!”



My boss gave me  my annual review today.  I’d been a little nervous, but it turned out to be almost shamefully glowing.

She didn’t even include “And that blog he often writes for on company time seems to be doing well!”


8 Responses

  1. A good collection of updates on your “quick hits”…so glad you made a decision on the school; sometimes that’s the hardest part…and yay for your glowing review! I will give your blog a glowing review as well 😉

    Awwww, shucks.

  2. “You’re shaking the sofa!”

    When was the last time she said that, Stud?

    Very funny. Glad you’ve got a pedal you can metal.

    A couple of weeks ago. She said I was distracting her from watching TV.

    If you mean the last time she said that when I was actually touching her, hmm, I’d have to think…

  3. I just checked out the pedal and it looks solid bordering on an actual pedal. And a lifetime warranty? You’re all set.

    Honestly, it IS an actual pedal. They take a regular ol’ bass drum pedal and add a little piezo sensor – honestly, like the kind you put over a door that tells if the door is opened or not. When the two parts are nearby, it detects “circuit closed” – when they’re apart, “circuit open.” Somebody who knew anything about circuits with a cheapo pedal and $10 in parts could probably build one – but that “knew anything about electricity” rules me out. MTAE, this could be a cottage industry for you…

  4. Ahh, blogging on company time. It’s one of my favorite things to do.

    Hey, I’m getting paid to blog!

    Am I getting paid FOR blogging? Let’s not get picky…

  5. I had a feeling you were going to go with the Catholic school. I have noticed that despite the whole biblical teachings, private religious schools seem to better educate children than public schools.

    It’s still something we’re concerned about, but there was something about that school that just felt right. You know, aside from the crucifixes.

    And, honestly, the staff there, particularly the counselor, really seemed excited about getting to know our son. That’s a really good sign.

    With the public schools, we’re just already so exhausted from fighting with them to get services for our son. The idea of doing that nonstop for the next eight years is enough to make me smack myself stupid. (Or stupider, at least.)

  6. WooHoo for glowing reviews! Glad you got the school decision out of the way, too! YAY! 😉

    Yep, bother are definitely woohoo and yay-worthy!

  7. #1 – I’m still just nervous. Attending Mass and meeting the priest will adjust that, one way or the other.

    #2 – Skip.

    #3 – Crap! I forgot to do that last night. Laura, you’re the other one he’s noted to be in the potential slacker category with me here. We must complete our Mad Libs lists!

    #4 – thumpathumpathumpa — though it is admittedly quite bad ass!

    #5 – bwhahahahahaha 😉 Good one, babe!

    I mailed you and Laura at the same time, and she got back to me later that afternoon. Somebody else may decide to join in, but right now you’re the only outstanding one. So, you know, I can stand between you and the Xbox and give you the stare like Carly’s crazy brother until you write it up… 😀

    And you’re missing yet another death metal show with yours truly? Ker-pout!

  8. I would hope you weren’t distracting her from watching TV, while attempting your “adult play!”

    Why do you say “attempting?”

    Oh, who’m I kiddin’, you got me.

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