TB Weather Update

Still freezing rain.  The local news says we’re likely to get another half inch to an inch of ice tonight before it switches over to snow, at which point we may get another 3-5 inches of snow on top of the ice.  I don’t really buy that so much, but it’s likely to be pretty crappy.  

As long as schools are closed and the power stays on, I’m cool.  😀

More updates tomorrow, assuming I’ve got power to do so!


One Response

  1. This morning I was driving into work. *sob* and I did maybe 45-50 on the 10 miles of highway I have to take. Then I got onto the dinky little road that my office is on, and was stuck behind a Verizon van going 5 mph. 5!


    I idled all the way on this road, and still had to tap the brakes.

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