Snow Day!

Whattaya know!  Just when I’m finally completely tired of the local weathermen obviously fearmongering to raise ratings, they actually get one right.  Well, partially.  Yesterday it was 6-10 inches of snow forecast, then maybe an inch of ice and widespread power outages.  By my estimate, we got about 2-3 inches of sleet and it’s currently capped with about a quarter-inch of ice…your typical Southern “snowstorm.”  Not so good for making snowballs or snowmen, but plenty good to have the schools and the college closed down.  I’ll take it.

Sadly, most of my posts-in-the-works – the Mad Libs, the interview questions from Laura, the Sunny Mix list – are on my computer at work.  And my up-to-date blog feed reader as well.  Phooey.  (Although that gives any of you an extra day or so to submit mad lib entries!)

I have a little thing to talk about, but right now I’m busy watching my son play Elder Scrolls:  Oblivion.  I’ll probably be pretty quiet on y’all’s comments until I get back into the office, but I’ll be around.  

There’s supposed to be another round or two later today and tonight; we’ll have to see.  Yay for snow days!


4 Responses

  1. We’re getting that same storm tomorrow. I’ll bet’cha we don’t have a snow storm. The big boss in my company is from upstate NY, and she doesn’t believe in snow days. *grumble*

    You mean you bet you don’t have the storm, or bet you don’t get the day off?

    I was betting against either. I almost laid a dollar on my coworker’s desk yesterday and said “If we don’t come in tomorrow, this is yours.” If I lost, it still would have been totally worth it.

  2. Here in SC, we get totally ripped off. We got about an inch the other day and while it was pretty and fun for a few hours, it was gone by late afternoon. I call bullshit.

    That’s the price you pay for missing out on those subzero temperatures we had last week. Snow is cool, but I’m not moving back to the midwest for more of it.

  3. Our weather men are stupid. Being on the coast it is hard to predict, but they never say that they “don’t know” what is going to happen….even if they don’t know.

    As my coworker said yesterday, it must be great to have a job where you’re pretty much expected to be wrong half the time, and everything’s hunky-dory.

  4. I will happily pay $20 for a snow day.

    I mis-spoke. I bet we’ll get the snow. But I also bet that we’ll all be here bright eyed and bushy tailed at 8 AM. Though I have an electrician due at the house right after work, so I have to leave early for that. And now I’ll have to leave extra early just in case the roads are bad. Oh damn!

    Well, I hope you lose that bet!

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